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Don't Anger the Math Gods


Sage Fixed Assets are an industry-leading supplier of accounting software for small businesses. Yet, when it came to attracting new business, they found that potential customers were tracking their assets manually – and saw little reason to change. We helped them fix that.

Creative solution

The biggest advantage of using Sage’s products over manual spreadsheets? Accuracy. Our ‘Don’t Anger the Math Gods’ concept was derived from the fear of incorrect calculations. Taking Sage to new realms, we developed mythical ‘Math Gods’ characters who took offense to inaccuracies and used this to promote the benefits of Sage’s products. The fun concept, bold designs and tongue-in-cheek headlines made sure they stood out. Our lead-scoring system and clever content ensured that people were served relevant information that would hit their sweet spot.


It pays to be brave and this campaign certainly paid off for Sage. The power of ‘Don’t Anger the Math Gods’ helped close 38 percent more deals in 12 months, driving a 10x increase in marketing-qualified leads and 150 percent growth in sales-qualified leads.

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