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Data Cleansing

Clean data.

Confident decision-making.

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Smarter business decisions, activated by the cleanest intelligence on the market.

As customers move across devices and channels of engagement, compelling messaging, pinpoint timing and resolute accuracy are vital. Effective data cleaning helps marketers keep their customer and prospect data reliable beyond doubt – conquering decay and surfing constant change with complete confidence.

From identifying inaccuracies to deduplicating records: Our compulsion for accuracy ensures every data set we rejuvenate is relentlessly validated, up to date and compliant. With our comprehensive GCDI platform, we normalize and merge your data profiles to create a single customer view – designed to work in tandem with the marketing tools of your choice.

Harte Hanks can supplement your customer databases with a range of initiatives:

  • Global data integration (GCDI)

  • National change of address (NCOA)

  • Zip correction

  • Merge-purge

Relentless accuracy

We never compromise on data integrity. By continually verifying against the market’s leading data brokers, our data hygiene services ensure complete accuracy and validity. No reductions in quality. Full peace of mind.

Truly global

Our data is unrestricted by territory. From NAM to APAC, our global customer data integration delivers international insights from a range of validated sources. Let us take complex global database cleansing out of your hands.

Your direction

With access to the broadest library of business and consumer data on the market, there’s no limit to the intelligence we can gather. From simple NCOA to hard-to-reach attributes: We can solve the most niche data decay challenges.

Augmenting data strategy for the world’s leading marketing teams

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