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Your specialist 3PL partner.

Harte Hanks is North America’s leading middle-mile logistics partner. For over 40 years, our proven 3PL freight services have set wheels in motion for America’s largest corporations and emerging brands.

Our national D2C and B2B logistics division moves more than 1.3 billion pounds of freight per year – by air, sea, rail, highways and byways at the most effective cost. From expedited to intermodal, clients have confidence in our supply chain expertise and network of over 9,000 carriers to get their product from A to Z.

Truckloads or partial loads, the everyday or the unexpected: Harte Hanks freight services stand ready to deliver on the most complex freight objectives. Our internal account management team is always on the ground to accurately course correct or broker the best rates and service on your behalf. Drawing on our strategic relationships with parcel, LTL, TL and outsourced 3PL carriers, we act quickly to get freight moving, without ever removing visibility or control.

From the first mile to the last, our 3PL services cover every step:

  • Truckload freight (FTL)

  • Less-than-truckload (LTL)

  • Intermodal logistics

  • Multimodal 3PL

  • Expedited

  • Ocean

  • Drayage

  • Cross-docking

Truckload freight services (FTL)

Truckload freight services (FTL)

Reliable, full truckload shipping at consistently low rates. 3PL that helps clients easily ship, track and deliver full capacity loads across North America. Harte Hanks freight services offer truly competitive rates for a wide range of road-freight objectives, including flatbed, refrigerated, curtainside, expedited, street and multi-stop shipments.

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Less-than-truckload (LTL)

Agile, flexible and cost-effective solutions for palletized and partial loads. Leveraging our carrier network, our LTL services help businesses meet rising demand, gain efficiencies and streamline their supply chain. We make it simple to group, consolidate and scale partial shipments across North America, Canada and Mexico.

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Less-than-truckload (LTL)
Rail freight

Rail freight

Realize greater cost-efficiencies with our intermodal and rail shipping services. We save businesses time and money through specialized brokerage, cross-docking and intermodal supply chain processes. Our rail freight services add flexibility and scale to our clients’ logistics – lowering economic impact and driving down shipping expenses.

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Ocean freight

Move cargo seamlessly between major ports along the North American coastline. Our specialized full container and less-than-container (LCL) freight services help clients to get the right domestic coastal service for their business. With our intermodal and drayage links, we optimize routes, rates and timing to combat delays and deliver on budget.

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Ocean freight
Complex shipping

Complex shipping

From contract to brokerage, drayage to cross-docking, we take the heavy lift off your shoulders without taking you out of the driver’s seat – so you can stop focusing on logistics, and invest effort into long-term growth.


Fast and economical supply chain services for priority cargo. Our strategic carrier network helps businesses put rubber to road when timelines are tight and stakes are high. From streets to skies to seas, our freight service experts mobilize quickly to get time-sensitive freight where it needs to be – at the lowest cost.


From the port or railroad to the next destination. Our drayage services bridge the gap between initial destination and final delivery to streamline processes and reduce lead time. Our nationwide carrier network can procure and deliver superior domestic drayage, overcoming congestion and disruptions that cause costly delays.


Connect the dots between middle- and last-mile shipping with a leaner supply chain model. Our cross-docking solutions get client cargo from point A to B with immediate handover, minimal handling and zero storage costs. Our experts enable clients to consolidate shipments, shorten product lead times and increase order fill rates.


Achieve the most competitive rates and the smoothest journeys. We leverage our national pool of 9,000+ vetted carriers to deliver consistent cost-efficiencies. By combining freight volume from client LTL loads, we negotiate the lowest rates for shippers – optimizing routes and minimizing deadhead miles in the process.

Streamlining freight services for the world's leading brands

Setting wheels in motion for over 40 years

We deliver tailored, multimodal logistics that work seamlessly for your business. Blending intuitive logistics technology with our group of handpicked delivery partners, we strike a practical balance between low shipping rates and fast transit for client cargo, even on the most demanding timelines.

Carrier network

Our extensive network of active carriers ensures clients get consistently low rates. We actively track which carriers run in which lanes across the country, so we can match shipments to the best haulier, route and rate at any given time.

Fulfillment unity

Paired with our expert fulfillment centers, clients can blend the full suite of order, distribution and 3PL competencies together, unifying distribution channels and executing a truly end-to-end supply chain model.


Outsourced logistics are only as good as the people servicing your accounts. With an average tenure of 25 years, our seasoned account managers are experts in their field and can understand and nullify process friction points when it matters most.

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