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Customer Care Technology

Evolving customer care.

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Full customer focus.

Harte Hanks’ customer care technology management makes end-to-end support simple – for both brand and buyer. Our omnichannel, purposeful customer support technology and automation tools empower your agents to handle interactions with less hesitation, greater control and more confidence.

We focus on the support tech, you focus on the customer. Drawing on over 40 years of exceptional customer care technology management, our consultancy provides the right insights to streamline your customer’s pathway to resolution – unlocking new levels of support efficiency, driving down labor costs and accelerating CSAT across all channels.

Harte Hanks Customer Care Technology

Refreshingly unified customer management

Unlock the true potential of your CRM. Our agile CRM implementations unify disparate systems and dashboards into a single pane of glass — giving your agents a 360° view into customer data, on demand. So, when they raise their hand for help — you already have the appropriate resolutions. No transfers and no escalations, just faster, cleaner interactions, at scale.

  • SalesForce, Zendesk & Oracle implementation
  • Routine task automation
  • Automatic data entry
  • Integrated dashboards
  • Reporting and business intelligence

Automated telephony, human touch

Continually lower the cost of picking up the phone with Harte Hanks customer care technology. Effortlessly bring self-serve to your support lines and solve customer interactions with inch-perfect automated IVR systems — converting insightful content into conversational speech. With real-time call analytics and AI customer journey data, our telephony implementations help agents resolve complex customer demands with no fear.

  • IVR implementation
  • Real-time conversational insights
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • AI intent analysis
  • Sentiment monitoring
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Digital messaging, reimagined

Digital support conversations that feel authentic, intentional and effortless — across SMS, livechat and more. Using breakthrough AI and native machine learning, we help you to respond faster and drive down your cost-per-interaction with sensory-rich, automated messaging — inspired by what your best-performing agents do and say. It’s digital messaging — with the right solutions, the right brand and the right context.

  • Intelligent chatbotting
  • SMS
  • Livechat
  • Fed by machine learning & NLP
  • AI queue prioritization
  • Automatic language translation

Customer service technology for prestigious global brands

Global support at scale

Always-on customer care, around the globe. With machine and real-time translations, our customer care tech automates memorable interactions – no matter whether the customer buys in dollars, pounds, euros or something else.

Lean by nature

A lean and tailored setup for your specific needs. You don’t use – or pay for – any excess resources or tools. Paired with our seamless self-serve automation, you can curb overspend and reduce labor costs across the board.

Customer care in the truest sense

Make every agent conversation count. Our customer support technology choreographs the pathway to assistance. By displaying the most relevant contact channels for their query, you deliver a fast resolution for your customer, and a lower cost for your business.

Real-time customer support insights

Stay relevant and adapt quickly to the ever-evolving needs of the customer. Our real-time customer service analytics give you the visibility to meet trending subjects and repeat interactions to the minute, helping your self-service systems to move at the speed of your buyers.

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