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Future-Proof Customer Experience Investments

By June 20, 2024Customer Care
Published Date: Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
Last Updated on: Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
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This is an excerpt from CMSWIRE and was written by Phil Britt.

In times of economic uncertainty, investing in customer experience can set companies apart from their competitors.

The Gist

  • Opportunity knocks. Economic uncertainty is an opportunity to invest in customer experience, not cut it.
  • Prioritize these areas. Prioritize investments in areas such as agent training, support, AI, customer data platforms and understanding customer processes.
  • Getting better all the time. Improving customer experience through investments in these areas can lead to increased employee engagement, reduced agent turnover and a better overall customer experience.

Uncertainty should prompt companies to invest in customer experience rather than cut it. Many executives often make the mistake of reducing costs in areas that could enhance customer experiences, while simultaneously increasing investments in areas that may only minimize them. Winning companies, on the other hand, differentiate themselves by seeking opportunities to attract and retain customers through superior service and experience.

To achieve this, it is essential to identify areas where investments can deliver quick returns, speed up time to value, and achieve immediate success. Experts suggest prioritizing investments in the following areas.

Investing in Smart Help Centers for Improved Contact Center Processes


It’s essential for contact centers to invest in the process, said Benjamin Chacko, Harte Hanks, Managing Director of Customer Care. “We must understand the steps our customers take when they need help or assistance with our brand. We can’t make it easier for customers to do business with us if we don’t understand their processes. For example, we do a lot of work with a global television streaming service. What do you do when watching TV and your favorite show stops streaming? You don’t call a 1-800 number. Instead, you probably grab your phone and search ‘network stopped streaming show.’”

A phenomenal help desk is useless if the company doesn’t understand that customers will not call a phone number to get there, Chacko added. “My investment should be in a smart help center that will intuitively read search engine queries and dynamically present a solution to my customers — connecting them with our helpline via a chat service, for example.”

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