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We are Harte Hanks, a global behavioral marketing company based in the United States with operations in Europe and Asia. Through our digital, direct, sampling, fulfillment, and customer care services, we help our clients manage a full consumer experience. And in doing so, we are helping clients shorten the distance between behavior and action. In addition to processing personal information legitimately, ethically and lawfully, we believe marketing is, and will always be, about establishing trust with individual customers and working hard to maintain it. Providing you with a simple, honest description of how we use information about you is critical to establishing your trust. Giving you control over how we use your information is critical to us keeping it. Be sure to visit our privacy highlights for a summary of, or our privacy statement for complete details regarding, our privacy practices. The following information summarizes our tracking and interest-based advertising practices.

We use cookies and similar tracking technologies to make inferences about your, and your company’s, needs by collecting and processing information concerning:

  • your use of our website, articles, blogs and similar information (or “content”),
  • advertisements about Harte Hanks that you are presented or interact with and
  • marketing emails about Harte Hanks you read.

Our use of tracking technologies to process information concerning you is based on:

  • our legitimate interests to advertise and market the products and services we offer or your consent, should you choose to provide it and
  • your control of our use of such information for such purposes.

Our tracking and interest-based advertising practices

  • involve third-parties we retain to facilitate such practices;
  • align with industry standards set forth by the Digital Advertising Alliance;
  • do not recognize Do-Not-Track signals submitted by internet browsers;
  • offer you with notice regarding such practices and
  • provide you with control over the information about you we use for such purposes

Our privacy team is here to help

We have staff dedicated to addressing your privacy inquiries, questions, concerns, requests, and preferences. Our Data Protection Officer is responsible for leading our privacy team and is supported by our business teams across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. If you have any questions or concerns about the ways we use information about you or how you can control information about you, please let us know. While we are committed to addressing your concerns, you can also lodge a complaint with American, European or Philippine authorities regarding our use of information about you.

In the United States

[email protected]
Attention: Data Protection Officer
2800 Wells Branch Parkway
Austin, Texas 78728

In Europe

[email protected]
Attention: Compliance Facilitator
138 Pacurari Street
IDEO Building
Iasi, Romania, 700521

In Asia

[email protected]
Attention: Compliance Facilitator
4th Floor Market! Market! Mall,
Fort Bonifacio, Global City
Taguig, Philippines 1634