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Sales Play Development

Scale Revenue with the Right Messaging.

Engage with prospects on their terms.

We design winning sales plays. Powered by our commitment to routine testing and experimentation, Harte Hanks sales plays are specifically targeted plans of outreach, designed to transform prospective customers into buyers. We uncover your prospect’s pain points and deliver meaningful messaging that solves their challenges and drives them toward conversion.

Expect the best. We recognize that every prospect interaction is an opportunity to sell. From nurture cadences to cold outreach, our plays are driven by best-in-class analytics to deliver a genuine, long-term ROI.

Plays designed by Harte Hanks support you in:

  • Penetrating new markets

  • Engaging best-fit prospects

  • Creating winning messaging

  • Increasing win rates

Play development process

Solve, convert, win. Backed by thousands of successful plays, our experts use your data and our analytics to identify your prospect’s most relevant pain points. We then deploy targeted messaging to solve buyer challenges, increase conversion and heighten win rates.

Our messaging development experts can help you identify, engage and convert your best-fit prospects.


Understanding your potential based on your pipeline, previous experiences and sales culture

Play meeting

Establishing your prospect pain points, customer gains and essential play messaging based on your market, ICPs and buyer personas

Prospect list

Developing a best-fit prospect list based on your existing pipeline, ICPs and growth goals

Design studio session

Building a clear touch pattern and cadence framework based on our understanding of your core value propositions

Brief & sample message

Creating a brief based on our preliminary conversations; this sample messaging offers a glimpse into our wider strategy

Content guide delivery

Building your full touch pattern, content guide and core messaging framework based on the approved play brief and your feedback

Adoption session

Helping you deploy your brand-new messaging into your wider team and strategy

Performance review

Returning to the whiteboard to assess play results, meaningful metrics and program delivery

Boosting some of the world's most innovative sales environments

Improved return on effort

Targeted, meaningful touches based on insights that matter. Combining our expertise, trends and multichannel analytics with your experiences and data, we help you deliver tactile, strategized moves designed to generate a better long-term ROE.

Seamless deployment

Minimal heavy lifting, maximum efficiency. Our proven methodologies, project tools and templates help you implement immediate program enhancements, based on ICP identification, prospect behavior and findings between our design and test teams.

Prospecting & personalization

The right message, at the right time. We uncover best-fit opportunities for prospecting and deliver targeted, personalized messaging tailored to their best interests. Our lead generation strategies keep your pipeline flowing, without ever reducing any expected opportunities or revenue.

Better team adoption

No-fuss team implementation. Armed with market-leading enablement software and tangible proof points from The Lab, you can deliver team-wide strategy adoption en masse. Zero attrition, sustained long-term commitment.

Take your sales initiatives to the next level

Submit the below form and one of our play design consultants will be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps. Or call us at 800-752-1917