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Marketing Strategy Services

Practical, actionable and built to serve your ambitions.


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Marketing strategy services that select the right channels. At the right times. For the right people.

We deal in genuinely bespoke marketing strategies – not copy and paste formulas. Getting the interplay right between our clients’ brand strengths and their customers’ behavioral profiles is never one-size-fits-all; it requires a considered blend of the right data, the right creative and the right execution.

Our marketing strategy specialists can be deployed to create full-program blueprints or single campaign plans – purpose-built to accelerate results in-line with your specific growth or customer experience goals. From brand awareness and GTM to ABM, demand generation, content or CRM, we can define and deliver on a full suite of marketing strategies in a winning symphony of audit, application and optimization.

Our marketing insights have previously contributed to:

  • Situation analysis

  • Market & customer insights

  • ICP, targeting & personas

  • Journey mapping

  • Messaging & value props

  • ABM & demand generation

  • Channel & tactic plans

  • Email & direct mail

  • Creative & content

  • Program optimization

The Harte Hanks strategic process supports end to end marketing programs and delivery through two core disciplines:

Strategy Discovery


Discovery is the foundation for strategy success. Our qualitative and quantitative research practices, combined with intelligence tools, enable us to hear and feel what customers are saying. We gain the insights needed to define personas, develop journey maps, and tailor execution plans based on your needs. The discovery process is centred around the Four C’s:


Uncovering the customer’s characteristics, behaviors and needs to allow us to develop relevant messages and meet them in their channel of choice.


Assessing market and product categories to understand the factors that influence demand.


Analyzing competitors and their strategies to set a benchmark for visibility or performance.


Infusing a light sprinkling of culture into our strategy, ensuring delivery is authentic and true to your brand.


Blending the learnings from the discovery phase with your outlined expectations, targets and timelines, we then develop a strategy that is focused and effective. The strategy development process also includes demand modeling and resource assessment to create transparent delivery timelines. We take the following factors into consideration:


Mapping audience segments, clusters, groups, personas, verticals and demographics – plus specific messaging and themes that can be used for each.


Articulating the product and positioning of the campaign to develop a captivating “offer” for the prospect and a reason to engage.


Defining sets of plays or campaigns based on the channels, content, messaging and digital advertising required to achieve targets.


Consulting on existing or deploying new technologies designed to achieve low labor marketing delivery and optimized results.


Allocating headcount (existing or new) into the right places to ensure full program delivery.

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Powering marketing initiatives for the world's most renowned brands

Seasoned strategists

There’s no faking experience and our team has delivered strategy in all shapes and sizes. This diverse portfolio of work, paired with the long-tenures of our in-house strategists means we’ve encountered some of the toughest hurdles out there – and we know how to overcome them. 

True multi-channel

With services spanning across marketing, sales, logistics and customer care, we can deliver truly integrated strategies – not just omnichannel, but cross-sector and multi-disciplinary. Our end to end capabilities help you unify your value proposition and deliver on your promise.

High impact insights

No matter the client’s size, maturity or growth goals, we bring high-level insights from the latest intelligence tools and market-leading campaign delivery to the table. We know how to deliver the experience you need, with the attentiveness and responsiveness you deserve.


Smart, practical and resourceful strategy. We meet our clients where they are, in their timeframes and on their budget. Our team provides plans and processes that can be implemented immediately and deliver results quickly with the existing resources you have in place.

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