A New Model for
a New World

Today, brand success depends on

Creating connected experiences across the new customer journey

We’ve aligned our services to travel with your customers along the journey

The Customer Life Loop

Eight integrated centers of excellence with one mission:
Deliver the most connected customer experiences
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The Customer Life Loop


Data and Analytics

Does Match.com know more about your customer than you do?

The average dating service has terabytes of data about every member. How much do you really know about your customer?

Harte Hanks’ Data and Analytics group employs the talents of skilled data science professionals, supported by cutting edge technology tools and platforms. And futuristic machine learning that’s taking customer modeling to places it has never been. We work within a complex technological ecosystem, but the endgame is simple: to turn intricate customer data into approachable and usable customer narratives.



Imagine if customers would actually do what they say they would do

What a wonderful world that would be. But customers’ attitudes and behaviors are often out of sync. At Harte Hanks we seek to understand why customers do what they do — the uncommon insight. Our charge is to unmask the interplay between behaviors and attitudes.


Ethnographers, cultural anthropologists, human geographers. Social scientists in the pursuit of understanding the psychology of motivation.



Is your message getting lost in translation?

At Harte Hanks we speak “customer.” This is where research, ethnographies, data, statistics, graphs and numbers get interpreted into words, phrases and visuals. Add a touch of imagination and ingenuity and the result is motivating, compelling and often unexpected. Our data and analytics give us the tools to stimulate your customers’ brains. Our Behavioral Index gives us the insights to touch their hearts. It is the intersection of the rational and emotional that provokes customer action.

In our world, action is everything.
Because that translates directly into sales.


Marketing Technology

Your solution for keeping up with marketing technology

While marketing technology seems mind-numbingly complex, at Harte Hanks we strive to make it intuitively simple for every client. From developing websites and apps, to constructing and managing databases, to providing marketing intelligence, data asset management, automated program execution — we have in-depth capabilities to build and manage your entire digital infrastructure.
Our toolbox is deep, having invested millions of dollars in solutions so that you don’t have to.

27% of CMOs are afraid they are falling behind the marketing technology curve. At Harte Hanks we’re turning that fear into fortitude.



Is Smart Sampling the new advertising?

Harte Hanks doesn’t just ship samples. We practice Smart Sampling. We are able to utilize data and segmentation to microtarget your customers, customize your brand message, and execute flawlessly and economically. In a world that has embraced front door delivery of virtually everything, from shampoo to flat screens, the arrival of free samples is an unexpected surprise that builds instantaneous customer good will — and jump starts the customer brand journey.

No amount of GRPs or TRPs can compete with guaranteed brand placement in the homes of your customers.


Fulfillment & Logistics

Putting more brands into more hands

Our global Logistics and Fulfillment division and its supporting infrastructure physically put 1.3 million packages and more than 4 billion mail packets directly into the hands of your customers, each year. Our new 300,000 sq. ft., FDA approved fulfillment center in Kansas City joins our two existing Harte Hanks centers.

A brand doesn’t come to life for a customer until it becomes tactile. At the crossroads of the digital and the physical world lies Harte Hanks’ e-commerce and fulfillment capabilities.


Customer Care

To speak with empathy. To hear with your heart.

The average phone call is five minutes long. It can determine whether your brand goes from hero to zero. Or vice versa. Our 2,000 customer care associates stand between your customer and your brand. With each call, they become your brand. They are your voice.

At the same time, they are your customer’s advocate. They know every call is a call for help. And a customer heard is a customer earned.


Customer Support

Good customer support is life support for your brand

At Harte Hanks we spare no effort to make front line, digital customer support effortless. We create user friendly content that anticipates customer inquiries. And build sophisticated solutions into websites and portals to address and resolve almost any customer concern—with a fully automated interaction. Saving your customers time and aggravation. Because the faster the resolution, the deeper the brand loyalty.

The customer problem/solution construct is one of the most efficient ways to capture individual customer data and understand what a customer is feeling about your product or brand in real time.

Think of us as your customer’s personal help desk.

Our People

Technology and talent — they go together like salt and pepper

For decades, we have invested in building a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities designed to enhance the customer experience at every touch point. But an agency’s capabilities are only as good as the people who lead and operate them.

We are an eclectic group of 2,000. We share an innate curiosity and obsession for the brands we touch. We are a fusion of creativity from unexpected places — agencies big and small, consulting practices, academia, entrepreneurial startups.

It is the people who power an agency. And our people understand your customer. Because we never forget we are customers, too.

Our clients

Trust us with their most valuable assets: Their customers

Harte Hanks.

Nothing but the customer.

At Harte Hanks, we encapsulate our conviction in three words: the customer, the customer, the customer.

Everything we do, everything we have built, is in active pursuit of winning the heart of your customer. All of our skills are viewed through this lens. Because after all of the analysis, data mining, strategy, customer care, fulfillment and logistics, digital and creative execution, what really matters is unambiguous.

Your customer is your truth.
Your customer is your brand.

We look forward to hearing from you!