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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Win, grow and retain A-list accounts.

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Win the hearts and minds of high-value decision-makers.

Harte Hanks ABM is designed to partner with businesses that realize they have the potential to grow their market footprint and have a desire to execute account based marketing more efficiently and at scale. It’s purpose-built to help businesses rise above the noise.

Powered by a team of industry experts, cutting-edge technology, and market-leading data solutions, Harte Hanks Account Based Marketing help clients to win, grow and retain A-list accounts with intent-focused campaigns that deliver real results. 

We fuel target account success with strategy optimization, tactical execution and complete program orchestration, designed to gain greater market share and open new doors at the account and contact levels.

From strategy inception to fully outsourced delivery – we can support clients at any stage of their ABM maturity

  • Journey mapping

  • Audience identification

  • Campaign enhancement

  • Execution & scaling

ABM Planning & Preparation

ABM planning & preparation

Data acquisition. Strategy mapping. Content development. We prepare your teams for outreach. Our experienced ABM tacticians identify and assess key decision-makers, transforming their behavioral insights into high-impact campaign blueprints.

Data acquisition

Understanding buying behaviors, identifying target accounts and segmenting audiences.


Selecting, tiering and prioritizing accounts that have shown the winning intent.


Mapping out specific plays to engage target accounts using 1:1, 1:few and 1:many approaches.

Content creation

Creating focused content (guides, playbooks, reports) and advertising tailored to specific contact pains.

Account based marketing delivery & scale

Greater efficiency gains. Increased skill diversity. Whether looking for fully outsourced delivery or support with a specific implementation, we put the resources in your reach for agile actions and seamless execution.


Embedding our headcount directly into ABM initiatives for full delivery or campaign expansion.

Technology & execution

Operationalizing client tech stacks with full management or single implementation MarTech solutions.

Relationship management

Building and nurturing key influencer relationships to drive loyalty and increase lifetime value.

Program optimization

Measuring ABM success and providing validated next steps to improve ROI and ROE.


Powering account based marketing initiatives for the world's most renowned brands

Open new doors with exceptional ABM.

Tapping into 900+ psycho- and demographic attributes, we supply the context to enrich personalization and deliver the right message, at the right time. These breakthrough insights mean ABM teams can campaign with confidence – eliminating guesswork, reducing labor, and always maximizing investment.

Data specialists

Multi-verified. Unparalleled accuracy. Armed with powerful market intelligence tools and our proprietary AudienceFinder and DataView solutions, we help clients flesh out account intelligence and zero in on best-fit prospects.

Global delivery

We have the resources to help clients scale ABM without losing any human touch. With delivery teams in the United States, Asia and Europe, our clients can deliver meaningful content at any scale.

End to end

When we say we’re “end to end”, we mean it. Pairing our leading marketing resources with native inside sales deployment, we create true sales and marketing unity – with strong alignment on top-tier target accounts. 

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