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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Drive high-quality traffic at scale.

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Beyond keywords. Beyond boundaries. Search: Amplified.

Harte Hanks specializes in paid and organic search engine marketing (SEM). Our tailor-made, intent-centric campaigns have inspired clients to capitalize on every relevant search query, positioning their brand with authority to in-market and awareness-stage searchers. 

Powered by routine customer listening and smart search analytics, Harte Hanks’ search marketing offers clients insight into what their potential buyers are searching for – and puts their products and services front and center. This brings certainty to their search marketing ROI, evolving customer acquisition with increased visibility, targeted traffic and higher-quality leads.

Harness data. Conquer search. Rank superior.

  • Keyword & topic development

  • Bid & budget management

  • Content creation & development

  • Backlink profile management

  • Search, display & shopping

  • Technical health management

  • Specialist ROI reporting

  • Landing page development

From technical excellence to SERP domination, we handle a full suite of search marketing programs.

Our search marketing strikes the right harmony between technical adjustment, keyword optimization and budget allocation. From intelligent topic research to world-class content production, we map where spend is best placed, so clients only ever invest in search marketing that delivers a genuine return on investment. 


Organic search

Unlock new competitive gains through specialist SEO initiatives. Delivered by our market-leading search teams, our organic search campaigns help you eclipse competitors, accelerate the buying journey and drive sustainable growth.

Paid search

Maximizing brand impact through paid search – a fast and effective route to market visibility. Our paid search campaigns are constructed to lower cost-per-acquisition and increase average order/deal value, enabling you to unlock the true potential of your ad spend.

Powering marketing initiatives for the world's most renowned brands

Content expertise

Search performance, bolstered by award-winning content. Our campaigns are augmented by our exceptional copywriters and content strategists, accelerating the SEM process with incisive auditing and premier content creation. 

Global successes

Break new territories and increase your market visibility overseas. With native delivery teams across NAM, EMEA and APAC, we deliver international search marketing that is both culturally aware and linguistically appropriate.

Customer listening

Through our integrated and intelligent customer care insights, we preempt trends in customer data that move the needle on keyword volume. This full-cycle competency inspires search marketing that is proactive – helping you set the market’s pace.

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