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Paid Social

Win the attention of real in-market buyers.

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Craft campaigns. Capture customers.

Harte Hanks empowers marketing teams to amplify brand impact on social media. Whether B2B or B2C, lead generation or e-commerce, we help clients deliver paid social strategies that meet and capture customers on their preferred platform – wherever they are in the buying journey. 

Combining granular targeting with evocative creative, our unique blend of competencies enables brands to cut through the competition and drive breakthrough levels of engagement. Infused with our signature behavioral insights, we craft social campaigns designed to win the attention of real people – driving in-market customers toward conversion.

Taking paid social to the next level with:

  • Branded content ads

  • Paid social for ABM

  • Multi-platform campaigns

  • LinkedIn campaigns

  • Facebook campaigns

  • Instagram & Threads campaigns

  • TikTok campaigns

  • YouTube campaigns

Maximize impact. Minimize guesswork.

From incremental increases to full-scale campaign optimization: We help clients achieve more with their budget through inch-perfect demographic targeting and persuasive content that simplifies conversion.

With our integrated analytics and routine auditing, client campaigns are continuously measured, tested and tweaked. We relentlessly optimize cost-per-click to maximize budget allocation – but never at the expense of engagement or ROI.

Powering marketing initiatives for the world's most renowned brands

Expansive behavioral insights

We partner with more than 70 market-leading data sources to supplement and verify our own in-house demographic and behavioral intelligence. This layered, granular insight enables us to hit prospects with the right message, in the right platform, at the right time.

Customer care integration

Our customer care proficiencies ensure we are always listening to authentic conversations from real customers and real in-market prospects. By analyzing consumer trends in real time, we can routinely tailor ad messaging to speak to human priorities – not just brand values.

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