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Data Services

Ignite growth with data integrity you won’t find anywhere else

Data is the lifeblood of sales and marketing: The linchpin for success in today’s competitive landscape. Powered by our relentlessly clean, multi-verified business and consumer intelligence, Harte Hanks’ data solutions can help you breathe new life into customer profiles and identify your next-best buyers – faster, meaningfully and at scale.

From propensity to personalization: Our specialist data services take the toughest initiatives out of your hands. Tapping into 1200+ competitive and non-traditional customer attributes, we serve the insights you need to reach existing customers and new prospects right now – no matter the complexity.

Deliver improved personalization and better revenue opportunities with our complete B2B/B2C data services.

individual attributes

573 million
B2B/B2C customers

vendor partners

Multi-purpose data delivery

Our no compromise attitude to accuracy fuels sales and marketing delivery with ultra-clean, ultra-precise data.


Complete missing contact information and create more detailed customer insights.


Remedy your database inaccuracies and incompletion and re-verify against the highest quality sources on the market.


A closer lens on the customer. Overlaying additional attributes from a range of high-profile sources for better personalization.


Go beyond single channel communications with multichannel contact data insights.


Identify new markets, audiences and prospects to boost marketing reach and customer acquisition.

Augmenting data strategy for the world’s leading marketing teams

Introducing DataView

The most complete customer database on the market

DataView is Harte Hanks’ proprietary data repository. It’s a comprehensive data enrichment and cleansing system that houses insights into over 240 million potential customers and 323 million business contacts across 1,200 individual demographic attributes.

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Transforming data into results

Harte Hanks’ AudienceFinder is a data acquisition tool designed to identify customers and prospects that are searching for content related to your products and services. AudienceFinder pinpoints consumer behaviors across a network of 100,000 websites globally, finding customers that engage with product names, competitor offerings, solutions or service areas online.

Inch-perfect data. Breakthrough execution.

Harte Hanks is not just a data partner, we’re the data partner – and the only one our clients will ever need. Armed with our proprietary data tools: DataView and AudienceFinder, we inspire sales and marketing teams to make more meaningful connections from minute one.

Powered by collaboration

We partner with 70+ market-leading data brokers to source, supplement and verify our intelligence. Augmented with this layered, multi-sourced data, we’ve built the most comprehensive data platform on the market: DataView.


We deal in multi-verified, fully accurate data. By validating DataView insights against 70+ market-leading partners, we ensure our insights are relentlessly clean, accurate and verified in real time.

The full package

All the enriched data you’ll ever need, in a single pane of glass. DataView brings together 1,200+ attributes from a variety of unique, verified sources. This proprietary blend is an all-purpose, cover-all-bases solution, designed to solve the most complex data demands.

Cost-effective intel

Premium data, competitive rates. We partner with world-leading data brokers, so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive data solutions give you everything you need to gain actionable customer insights – at a fraction of the cost of working with multiple vendors.

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