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Customer Service Outsourcing

Exceptional customer care in action.

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World-class customer service:
No longer a “nice-to-have”, but the star of the show.

Outsourcing your support services to Harte Hanks means continually staying ahead of the customer curve. Combining our network of accomplished support agents with true agile deployment, we give you the resources to serve buyers with confidence — increasing first-time resolutions, keeping costs low and unlocking breakthrough levels of customer advocacy.

Scaling a team to meet changing customer demands isn’t easy. Our agent outsourcing takes tough hiring challenges and complex turnover issues out of your hands, helping you to effortlessly serve your customer’s needs across any channel, at any scale. Compellingly, and always on-brand.

Full-cycle customer support – deployed in weeks, not months. Harte Hanks outsourcing delivers:

  • Complaints support & management

  • Technical support

  • Pre-sales support

Seamless scalability

From servicing seasonal variance to sudden surges in demand, you can rely on our up-and-down scalability to deliver on your terms — forever keeping costs low, resources sensible, and performance high.

Rapid deployment

We onboard support agents in weeks — not months. Our efficiency helps you to service sudden demand, soften the blow from turnover or absenteeism, and scale quickly to achieve better customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Full-cycle consideration

We’re The Customer Company for a reason. Our services span across data, marketing, logistics and fulfillment, arming us with a complete, full-cycle understanding of the customer pathway to an interaction. We can empathize with their pains, because we’ve seen them first-hand.

Exceptional performance

Our average client tenure is: — We’ve never lost a client based on performance. With low attrition and turnover rates, we always have market-leading resources ready to deploy, enabling us to deliver sustained performance, around the clock.

Promoting and protecting some of the world’s most prestigious brands

Our people are what make us special – and that’s no cliché.

We are 2,000 customer care associates strong, with native experience troubleshooting complex queries and tech support across all platforms and devices. From phone support to social monitoring: No matter the medium, our team is right at home. We’re channel agnostic – truly.

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