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Customer Care

Driving increased CSAT rates and huge reductions in labor costs

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Every interaction is an opportunity to create a meaningful customer experience. Harte Hanks is built on this belief – it’s what makes us the customer company. For over 40 years we’ve helped brands to add a smarter edge to customer support with resources that inspire first-time resolutions and effortless interactions.

By deploying our meaningful service insights, accomplished support agents and powerful self-serve technology, we help you to drive breakthrough reductions in support costs, while continually moving the needle on CSAT.

Customer care, reimagined. Faster resolutions and satisfied customers at scale.

2000+ support agents worldwide

7 billion queries handled annually

+10% improvement

Turning existing patrons into brand advocates.

From technical support to complaint management: Our fierce devotion to reduced customer effort benefits both business and buyer.

Promoting and protecting some of the world’s most prestigious brands

Effortless customer care. Breakthrough levels of customer satisfaction.

A customer heard is a customer earned. We’ve invested heavily in this mindset. Our customer care services are fueled by decades of social listening and consumer awareness. Our history of paying attention helps brands to continually optimize self-service and support in line with the shape, trends and demand of their customers — turning real-time insights into real-time actions

Diligent with your money

Your customer-care profit center. Our market-leading self-serve and automation implementations offer immediate results and lowered costs at scale, without ever reducing customer satisfaction. We’re financial advocates for your brand — in the truest sense.

Rich, global learnings

By handling over 7 billion support inquiries annually for global brands, we’ve built a reputation for staying ahead of the curve. When it comes to buyer trends, performance opportunities and best practices — we beat all other vendors off the starting line.

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