Customer Care

Everything we have built, everything we do, is in active pursuit of winning the hearts and minds of your customers. Every day.

Your customer is your truth.
Your customer is your brand.

Whether human-to-human or technology-to-human, every customer care interaction is the most critical point of the entire customer journey. In a matter of minutes, the way customer care is delivered can determine whether your brand goes from zero to hero. Or hero to zero.

At Harte Hanks, we have re-imagined, re-engineered, and re-created the Customer Care model. Because Customer Care is the most intimate connection a customer has with a brand.

Our 2,000 customer care associates are your brand. They are your voice. But at the same time, they are an empathetic advocate. They know that every call is a call for help. And that a customer heard is a customer earned.

Instead of thinking of Harte Hanks Customer Care as an expense, think of us as a profit center for your brand. Because diffusing customer dissatisfaction lowers costs, raises revenue and promotes favorable reviews which all increase new customer acquisition.

And that’s something we all care about.

I appreciate the work you and your team have done to ramp up for a year with many new challenges. This year required more flexibility than even your team is used to when it comes to our Open Season, and everybody stepped up to contribute toward the program’s success. We are seeing very strong overall gains so far. I often say there is no silver bullet that solves for everything, but I am confident in saying that our combined team certainly shines brightly.

Managing DirectorHealthcare Organization