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Allink360 Logistics TMS

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Simplify, optimize, excel with Allink360™

Allink360™ is your all-in-one transport management solution (TMS). Powered by 40+ years of logistics expertise, our carrier-agnostic system delivers full control and automation over national freight transportation, combining real-time carrier and tracking visibility into a single smarter platform.

Built by logistics professionals, for logistics professionals. Allink360’s user-friendly TMS platform brings users closer to over 9,000 vetted US carriers, enabling teams to conveniently shop carrier rates and shipment schedules in one dashboard – with dynamic tracking all the way through to invoicing and accounts.

Unify your supply chain with a smarter transport management system:

  • Dynamic visibility

  • Competitive carrier rates

  • EDI/API integration

  • Simple and intuitive platform

One platform, endless logistics possibilities: Allink360™

Allink360’s capabilities support logistics teams at every stage in the transport management cycle.

Rapid implementation

Easy to install. Easy to use. Allink360™ is designed to be flexible and accessible, with a short learning curve for quick implementation.

Shop rates

Quickly shop small package, LTL, truckload, rail, ocean and air rates. Allink360™ connects users to a broad network of North American carriers. 

Carrier selection

Allink360™ TMS seamlessly integrates with major carriers to determine the best shipping rates and delivery methods for client shipments.

Order execution

Verify addresses, schedule pickups, add pallet placards, generate certified labels and send shipping notifications – all from one place.

Dynamic visibility

Keep a finger on the pulse of your logistics with real-time freight tracking to keep you in control. Full visibility to minimize lost or delayed shipments.


Quickly pull spend accruals, activity updates and more – or even schedule automatic reports to help you nail down your month-to-month shipping costs.

Full Freight Visibility. Lady checking visibility on a laptop

Full freight visibility

In a world where over 69% of businesses lack visibility over their supply chains, Allink360™ TMS is built to bridge the gap. With sophisticated EDI and API integrations, Allink360 provides dynamic tracking across all modes and carriers. Whether at rest or in transit, our complete end-to-end visibility helps you respond quickly to disruptions, minimize demurrage and continually keep costs low.

Natively integrated

As a homegrown, proprietary transport management platform, Allink360™ integrates natively with client order management systems to deliver highly practical solutions. From truckload and LTL to seas and skies, Allink360TMS makes it easy to track and trace shipments and generate reports by sales number, order number or any other specification that matters to your operations.

Tanker Ship. Track and trace shipments
Man unloading van with goods. Autonomously optimizes shipping parameters

True cost control

With precise, built-in, real-time cost controls, we keep track of financials as efficiently as we keep track of deliveries – so you can rest assured that budget is always used in the most streamlined, optimal way. Allink360 autonomously optimizes shipping parameters for small package, truck and intermodal transportation, choosing the best rate, method, route, schedule and carrier to keep cost surprises at bay.

Transport management for the world's leading brands

Homegrown TMS

Allink360™ is entirely homegrown and customizable. Our in-house development team works with you to create custom solutions for your needs, inventory and lanes. We can create unique reporting structures to help you understand logistics in the context of your business.

Experienced development

Our Allink360™ TMS was built under the guidance of our highly-tenured internal logistics team. Leveraging their vast experience and sophisticated insights, our proprietary technology solves the everyday logistics headaches facing teams across the nation.


Allink360™ can connect seamlessly with your existing setup. Choose from three different configurations – Desktop for central management, Office for browser-based control, and Merchant for seamless integration with online order entry systems.


Allink360 is designed by and for the people who move freight every day. With its easy-to-use interface, we’ve built a TMS that can be used by anyone in the plant. We make it simple for shippers to see the wheels in motion – no matter their role, responsibility or cargo.

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