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Product Recall Services

End-to-end recall process management.

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React quickly with Harte Hanks' expert product recall services.

Product recalls are a high-stakes situation for any brand – and timing is everything. They’re expensive, a major distraction and if handled incorrectly, a huge threat to consumer confidence and hard-earned brand reputation. 

For over 40 years, Harte Hanks has brought calm and confidence to sensitive product recall management. We sit at the crossroads of customer care, fulfillment and print to deliver truly end-to-end crisis management for our clients – purpose-built to minimize exposure and control escalation.

The full suite of product recall services:

  • Customer notification & support

  • Print & mail fulfillment

  • Product recovery

  • Product replacement

  • Product quarantine

  • Product recall logistics

Product recall management

Recall crisis management

From call handling to product recovery, our product recall services mobilize quickly to keep your brand, buyer and bottom line out of harm’s way. No matter your headcount or circumstance, our recall services bring the data, knowledge, infrastructure and scale to deploy full crisis management teams in 24-72 hours – with flexibility and strict attention to every detail.

Customer notifications & support

There’s no corner-cutting with our product recall process. Leveraging our native, scalable call center proficiencies, we go the extra mile to retain customer faith. By unifying and directing all support lines to our trained, dedicated support teams, we safeguard brand reputation with quality customer interactions – designed to deliver assurance, sustain consumer trust and provide the empathy each customer deserves.

Customer service for product recalls

Simplifying recall services for the world's most iconic brands

Mobilize quickly. Safeguard your brand.

Take the sting out of the product recall process and steer your brand to a safe landing. No matter the complexity, sensitivity or scale, Harte Hanks is armed and ready to serve your every need.

Native customer care

Our programs unify recall strategy and customer relationship management. Handling both support and stock under one roof ensures customers are presented with a single message, and brands only ever work with a single vendor.

Complete solution

With an experienced product recall management company like Harte Hanks, brands gain the expertise and resources to handle complex product recalls all in one place, enabling smarter and faster diagnosis, strategy and response.

Print integration

Blending our proprietary order management software, direct mailing capabilities and internal creative teams, we help clients deliver recall mailings at any scale – cost-effectively and with respect, grace and convenience.

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