The Challenge

Graybar is a Fortune 500 company specializing in supply chain management services. As a major North American distributor of high-quality components, equipment and materials, they manage thousands of shipments every month and needed an efficient way to find the best rates, tender and track shipments, and pull real-time reports.

Our Approach

Enter Harte Hanks’ Allink 360°, an easy-to-use transportation management system connecting the different parts of the supply chain.

Our Solution

Our team quickly implemented Allink 360° and imported Graybar’s existing preferred rates to support more than 200 users. By using the automated tool, they can efficiently shop rates and find the best carrier for each shipment, allowing them to spend time on more complicated tasks.

Allink 360° connects the various silos of their supply chain, providing a single seamless tool to not just save time and money on shipping, but also to follow the shipments through to delivery and to provide reporting on those shipments, all in
one place.

The Results

Reports easily provide real-time visibility into cost savings, shipment tracking and more.


Monthly shipments

Efficiently managed



Managing shipments using Allink 360°