The Client

Our client is a large technology company that specializes in information technology-related products and services.

The Challenge

After a period of deprioritizing global corporate marketing outside of North America, this company’s Small Business division decided to return to a global focus.

When it was decided that these markets would no longer be a priority for them, their associated databases were shut off and no longer maintained.

When these databases were turned back on after 4 or 5 years in hibernation, the data on them was badly out of date. Small businesses are incredibly volatile, and over the course of 5 years, many had gone under, moved premises or changed staff. As a result, the data was not fit for purpose to drive their GTM strategy.

Our Solution

Harte Hanks stepped in with a Data Remediation Program, leveraging our GCDI products and Data View solution to process critical country data and enrich it with accurate information.

The client was so pleased with the results that our collaboration was extended beyond a one-time correction and became an ongoing monthly process to maintain data health.

Harte Hanks’ data expertise became instrumental in supporting the company’s expansion into new markets. Our enrichment process equipped them with accurate and actionable data to fuel its go-to-market strategy effectively.

The impact that this campaign has had is evidenced by the longevity of the partnership. We are now in the fifth year of the program, and our client’s databases, once stagnant and dysfunctional, now serve as a foundation for successful outbound marketing strategies.

The Results

90% of data

on business locations remediated

98% of records

"perfect" or "good"


records de-duplicated

15% increase

in data coverage

90% of locations

now declared marketable because of our work