The Challenge

A professional sports league streamed its games to a variety of connected devices, which means a variety of customer support requests. Its contact center struggled to resolve customer issues with consistent responses because its agents had to work with several outdated, disparate technologies. These legacy platforms lacked the ability to provide a consolidated end-to-end picture of the customer across channels and made reporting a nightmare.

Our Insights

The league was inhibited by their inability to effectively resolve issues because of 7 different technologies that were not integrated, along with processes that were not aligned with the desired customer experience. Harte Hanks identified a few key areas for improvement:

  • Replace antiquated technologies with one powerful platform capable
    of managing issues over the phone, email and other channels.
  • Shift phone contacts to channels like live chat and email for a more cost-efficient mix.
  • Enable deep visibility into contact center operations to identify problems and develop proactive solutions.
  • Improve reporting for better insights into volume, support trends
    and more.
  • Redevelop training, hire the right agents quickly and train them to
    meet the increased fan volume effectively.

The volume of tickets this season was significantly higher out of the gate and didn’t back down until recently – we’re currently tracking 62% higher in customer support contacts than last season. Harte Hanks stepped up to the plate to work with our team to address the higher volume and work through options.

- V.P. of Operations & Technology

Our Approach

With help from Harte Hanks, the league was able to update its support team and technology for improved performance. The solution included:

  • A centrally managed customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Oracle CX, to interact with each fan in the channel of his or her choice (phone, email, Knowledge Base or web).
  • Real-time trend identification through the CRM, enabling them to resolve problems faster and inform the league of outages and other major issues.
  • Accurate, real-time reporting to allow for accurate call volume forecasts and appropriate staffing.
  • Onshore and offshore staffing to allow customer support to flex and scale during peak periods.
  • Developed a fully integrated Knowledge Base across all channels.
  • Redesigned full agent training curriculum.

The Results

This professional sports league’s streaming service now responds to customers faster than ever and resolves many more problems in real time — two necessities for a live broadcaster. The company has also been able to shift customer contacts from phone to lower-cost channels, saving money.

Deployed proactive chat decreasing customer effort and improving CSAT



In issue resolution time


Shift to chat and email

Shifted volume from phone, reducing cost and allowing customers to be served in the channel of their choice

Less than 70%

Exit rates

Designed a highly effective self-service site with best-in-class exit rates


Usage rate

Achieved strong subscriber to knowledge base article usage rate

We’ve been impressed with the new site and ticketing system. The team has done a great job at working through the reporting and getting us to a daily distribution of the right level of data for internal and external distribution.

- V.P. of Operations & Technology