The Challenge

A leading pharmaceutical company developed and launched a new drug to treat a chronic illness—at the same time as a direct competitor. In a race to market, they needed to quickly differentiate their brand and their therapy, which required a long course of treatment. The company decided to offer a “white glove” patient care program that would build patients’ confidence and enable them to succeed throughout their therapy—while also standing out from the competition and building brand loyalty.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. We’re in this business to help our patients. We researched thousands of contact centers across the country and looked at different options. We wanted someone that provided not only strong customer service skills, but also the ability to put the patient at the heart of everything. Harte Hanks met that criteria.”
– Client Product Manager


In conjunction with JD Power and Associates consultants, the company embarked on a search to choose a provider that could build and manage a patient experience program. After a rigorous process, Harte Hanks was chosen over six other competitors.

Our experience with Harte Hanks has been top notch. They have provided exceptional customer service as well as client satisfaction —it has been the best I’ve ever encountered in my professional career.”
– Client Product Manager

Our Approach

The Harte Hanks solution combines unique contact center technology and highly-skilled patient advisors to bridge the gap between patients and the resources they need for a successful recovery.

In less than 30 days, our team built a custom CRM that connects the patients in real-time with Harte Hanks patient advisors and nine other partners involved in the patient care experience—including a nurse connector, pharmacies and reimbursement services. We also developed a highly-trained team of patient advisors in our contact center to handle calls of a highly sensitive nature. In many cases, the first person a patient talks to about treatment options for their disease is a Harte Hanks advisor.

With the right people and technology in place, the pharmaceutical company and Harte Hanks deployed a high-value, high-touch customer care program in English and Spanish, including inbound patient support and outbound calls and emails. The program connects patients with the right resources at the right time to keep them on track for the duration of their treatment and improve their health outcomes.

I feel obligated to thank you for providing me with the treatment for my 30-year-old illness. My blood work taken two weeks ago shows that I reached zero-measurable-virus status. I fully expect that this will add some time to my life. I am, and will remain, eternally grateful for this miraculous gift.”
– Patient

The Results

Using technology to put patients’ needs first, the company and Harte Hanks implemented a highly successful patient care program in less than 90 days. Within four months of launch, Harte Hanks successfully met several key metrics:


Quality score achieved


Service level rating

garnered due to well-managed staffing plans

Under 30 days

We built, tested and developed

the CRM system in under a month


New patients registered


New registrations

All new registrations handled


New patients assigned

to Nurse Connector Program