The Challenge

A leading manufacturer of cleaning products, including many household names, needed a reliable support team with the ability to handle consumer concerns relating to adverse events as well as identify potential safety concerns.

Our Approach

Harte Hanks assembled a support team capable of:

  • Handling customer health concerns in a professional, consistent manner
  • Recognizing nuances in customer comments to identify potential safety issues or adverse events

Our Solutions


Our hiring process included a 30-minute assessment, which allowed applicants to test their core skills for the job during their interview. This enabled applicants to better determine if this program would be a good long-term fit and allowed Harte Hanks to determine if applicants had the core skillset to be successful.


We developed an in-depth training program to provide a clear and concise process to:

  • Correctly identify adverse events and potential safety concerns
  • Recognize any upticks in product concerns indicating an emerging potential safety issue
  • Capture detailed data including purchase details, product codes and issue summaries


  • Well-documented processes for handling adverse events and potential safety concerns
  • Quarterly refresher trainings with pre- and post-assessments to ensure peak competencies
  • Auditing of 100% of all consumer contacts to ensure proper disposition and routing of incidents
  • Bi-weekly meetings with client managers and support staff to review use cases and ensure real-time awareness of any emerging concerns
  • Ability for agents to immediately transfer consumers to medical consultant team

The Result

Zero attrition

for 3 years


  • Agent quality assurance scores have consistently exceeded targets
  • Consumer satisfaction scores exceeding aggressive targets in both voice and written channels
  • Agent retention exceeding industry standard