The Client

Our client is one of the most storied and decorated companies in the video game industry. It has created many of gaming’s most instantly recognizable characters and 5 of the top 10 best-selling video game consoles of all time.

The Challenge

This business faced a significant challenge with their motion detecting gaming controller’s wrist strap. Breakage during use led to many users inadvertently throwing their controllers through their TV screens, nearby windows, living room decorations, etc. To avert consumer backlash or lawsuits from those injured by the controllers, the company decided to initiate a proactive recall.

Firstly, a replacement wrist strap was issued. The manufacturer partnered with a major fulfillment and logistics company to ship these new straps.

However, the fulfillment provider’s poor communication regarding the recall timeline caused frustration and led to a surge in disgruntled consumers flooding the console manufacturer’s customer support and sales lines, seeking information. This directly impacted the company’s ability to maintain a positive customer experience, both for affected consumers and those who were making inquiries on other subjects.

Following this, a second recall was announced. The company had found that many children were being injured through being struck in the head with the remote by siblings that were focusing on the screen and not their surroundings. A protective cover for the controller was created so the damage to property and person would be minimal, even from the most enthusiastic gamers.

Our Solution

Not wishing a repeat of the previous recall’s frustrations, the console manufacturer approached Harte Hanks, due to our expertise in recall management and customer care. We immediately understood the severity of the issue and devised a comprehensive solution to address the problem.

The first shipments of protective covers were dispatched from our warehouses on the same day as they were delivered from the manufacturer, which was a much faster turnaround than the original fulfillment partner had achieved.

A personalized email was also sent when each cover was dispatched that clearly informed customers about the shipment and its expected delivery time. This significantly reduced the number of phone calls to the manufacturer’s sales line, alleviating the strain.

Finally, our marketing services department helped position the recall, not just as a product replacement but as a customer experience enhancement. By portraying the recall as a commitment to keeping customers happy, the focus shifted from the faulty wristband to the overall satisfaction of the console manufacturer’s valued customers.

The Results

Over 1,000,000

controller covers shipped nationwide

Less than 24 hours

between first covers arriving and being dispatched