The Challenge

We want to educate BOK Financial clients who may or may not hold a mortgage with BOKF on how to responsibly use their home’s equity for home improvements. Even though these clients have a grounding in financial basics, the lending application process is an infrequent process for them and is perceived as difficult and perhaps not worth the investment of their time. We need to communicate simplicity and speed through design and “less is more” copy.

Our Insights

Customers may not be picturing a specific outcome or finished state. They just know they are bored with their surroundings, are growing out of their home, or need to add a space because of a life change (a new home office or in-house classroom). Their needs are likely more emotional than functional, and we want to encourage them to meet those needs while rates are still competitively low.

Our Approach

Clean, concise design with an eye-catching email animation leads to an educational landing page. The comparison chart helps people understand the differences between HELOC and Cash-Out Refi, and leads them to a conversation with a lending specialist.

The Results

While we don’t have specific results, this email/landing page combo below has become the winning control. The first image below is the email and the landing page design follows below.

Imagine the possibilities.



Home Equity Line of Credit