The Challenge

Since its inception, this premier entertainment network was marketed and delivered through cable operators. If a viewer had a service issue, or wanted to add or change channels or shows, all requests were handled through the operator. The network could devote its full energy to creating entertainment.

It all changed in 2016. Prompted by a frenzy of cord-cutting customers who were opting to get their favorite channels directly through internet streaming services, the network was compelled to market its programs and services directly to the customer. The traditional cable TV model was quickly going the way of the dial phone. And so, CRM went from being an incidental service, to the front and center star of the show.

The network’s future depended on building a world-class CRM ecosystem. Quickly.

Our Insights

Cable operators provided a formidable buffer for the network’s brand. If a customer needed help, they reached out to the cable operator. If their issue wasn’t resolved to their satisfaction, the blame was squarely on the operator, not the network. But now, the network’s brand would be judged on both their content offerings, and their customer interactions.

Further, with the explosion of new entertainment streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Disney+, the once rarefied network suddenly faced a crowded field of not just competitive channels, but producers of quality original shows. They would need to “up their game.” And they needed the infrastructure to support an aggressive slate of new content, to a universe of fickle subscribers, under a whole new set of parameters and protocols.

Our Approach

This was not Harte Hanks’ first premiere. Having provided comprehensive customer support for WWE and NBA, we have built a prodigious library of best practices in the areas of both streaming services and technical customer care. We hit the ground running. Utilizing multiple technology platforms working under OSCL standards through the Oracle Service Cloud, we were able to integrate subscriber support with the network’s existing back-end systems so both our autonomous customer tech support and our army of agents could perform every task on behalf of the network’s brand.

In record time, all subscriber account info, preferences, authenticated devices and data was fully integrated into the customer care effort. This gave our agents all the tools needed to efficiently handle any and all customer interactions, right down to a customer’s favorite shows and movies. We built data-driven, dynamic customer help portals for first response, searchable by the customer by content and key words, which resolved issues by re-directing inquiries through the best possible channel. Our technology allowed us to identify and capture the brand voice and build and implement a brand-specific lexicon in all communication touch points.

When the most lavish and expensive television series ever created became a global cultural phenomenon, Harte Hanks was able to flex, adding hundreds of team members to service the U.S. and abroad, seamlessly processing more than 1,000 hits per minute. We built the network’s help center with scalability in mind, with the capabilities to ramp up for excess weekend traffic, long-awaited new seasons and anticipated episodes.

We created our own simulations, which allow team members to replicate the most difficult customer interactions and be better prepared to manage customer experiences across all geographies.

Today, when you contact the network, you are being serviced by Harte Hanks. And we remain proud and honored to play such an essential role.

The Results



of creating, managing and improving all-inclusive, optimized Customer Support and Customer Care Centers on behalf of the network


CSAT increase in 7 months

Quickly saw a significant increase in an already great CSAT score with Harte Hanks on the team.


Customer interactions per minute

Ability to scale from 50 to 600 brand team members in a day, without failure


Resolution increase

Dramatically improved sign in resolution in just 6 months.