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Allink 360 Logistics TMS

The automated transportation management system built by and for logistics people

We’ve gone all in on TMS elements in Allink 360 so you can stay focused on the details of your business to save you time, money and team resources.

Allink 360°, our industry-leading transportation management system, is your logistics team’s missing link to streamline your supply chain. The carrier-agnostic platform automates complex freight transport and logistics management and connects it to your system to reduce shipping costs and improve real-time visibility. Allink 360°was built by and for the people in the trenches to solve everyday logistics problems.

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Supporting the brands you know and love

Allink 360 is a unique combination of industry-leading capability with absolute simplicity. You need it to be accessible to anyone in the plant booking a load. Most new tools on the market lack that approachability”

AEO Director of Middle Mile Freight


Lowered shipping costs...

Lowered shipping costs

User-friendly, carrier-agnostic automation efficiently shops rates and shipment schedules while easily integrating with your existing technology.

Real-time visibility...

Real-time visibility

Gone are the days of spending hours on a report. Quickly pull spend accruals, track and trace and more—or even schedule automatic reports.

Automated tracking...

Automated tracking

Keep all your track and trace details in one place to minimize the time and costs of demurrage fees, lost or delayed shipments and unexpected deliveries.


Shipment planning

Autonomously optimizes shipment parameters for small package, LTL, truckload, and intermodal transportation, choosing the best rate, route, delivery method, schedule and carrier.

Order execution

Enter and execute orders, including validating addresses, scheduling pickups, pallet placards and manifests, generating certified labels and bills of lading and sending advanced shipping and delivery notifications. This centralized information drives smarter trailer plans.

Reporting and analysis

Provides robust, real-time visibility, including tracking and tracing through entire shipment process and accruals and activity reports to audit and reconcile exceptions.

Systems integration

Quick setup integrates the platform with external systems via APIs.

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