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Allink 360 Logistics TMS

Automated transportation for optimized logistics

Our ground-breaking Allink 360 Logistics transportation management system may be your logistics team’s missing link. This carrier-agnostic technology platform fully automates your complex freight transport and logistics management, with flexible functionality for transportation services:

  • Shipment planning: Autonomously optimizes shipment parameters for small package, LTL, truckload and intermodal transportation, choosing the best rate, route, delivery method, schedule, and carrier
  • Order execution: Inputs and executes orders, including validating addresses and printing labels
  • Reporting and analysis: Provides dynamic, real-time visibility and tracking from order input to delivery confirmation and generates activity reports
  • Systems integration: Integrates with external systems via APIs, including with accounting systems for a seamless billing process

We’ve gone all-in on the details of Allink for transport logistics so you can stay focused on the details of your business. The platform was developed specifically to meet the transportation needs of companies that frequently ship packages or pallets to save you time, money and team resources.

Harte Hanks Allink360 screen on computer

Allink 360 is a unique combination of industry-leading capability with absolute simplicity. You need it to be accessible to anyone in the plant booking a load. Most new tools on the market lack that approachability”

AEO Director of Middle Mile Freight

The system’s comprehensive functionality and minimal learning curve puts you ahead of the curve quickly. Multiple configurations enable quick and easy installation without the need for dedicated equipment. Configurations can optimize for central management (Desktop), browser-based control (Office), or integration with your online order entry system (Merchant).

When you call, 24/7, we deliver.

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Core offerings

  • Cutting-edge transportation services technology solution
  • Freight rate shopping
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Address standardization and verification for U.S. locations
  • Manifesting, bills of lading, trailer plans, pallet placards and certified label generation
  • EDI/API/web-service/email communication gateway services
  • API for customer to integrate ERP into TMS
  • Advanced shipping notice email notification
  • Audit and reconcile exceptions for electronic invoices
  • Inbound logistics management


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