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National Healthcare Provider Selects Harte Hanks

Healthcare case study, mother holding a baby

Harte Hanks to Provide New Moms with Products and Information Designed to Improve Health and Nutrition of Newborns

Harte Hanks (Nasdaq: HHS), a leading global experience company, announced today that it has been awarded a multi-year contract from a national healthcare organization to provide new mothers with products including breast milk pumps and health-related materials.

The multi-year program from the healthcare organization is a critical element in the government’s overall mission under the Affordable Care Act to improve newborn nutrition and wellness. In the first year alone, the program is expected to deliver over 100,000 breast milk kits and materials to new mothers covered under the program.

Harte Hanks was selected for the program based on its unique ability to provide an end-to-end single-source solution that includes everything from customer service, product sourcing and inventory management to fulfillment and distribution of the wellness and nutrition kits quickly and cost-efficiently to new mothers.

In addition, Harte Hanks’ current customer care relationship with the national healthcare provider ensured that they would be able to provide these essential materials while meeting their high standards of member support, data security and customer database protocols.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with this important client beyond our existing Customer Care relationship. By leveraging our unique capabilities within our fulfillment and logistics team, we are able to deliver a much-needed solution for this healthcare organization and its members.” – Ben Chacko, Managing Director of Customer Care, Harte Hanks.

“We have made a significant investment over the past several years in our state-of-the-art distribution and fulfillment facilities,” says Pat O’Brien, Managing Director of Fulfillment & Logistics, Harte Hanks. “This investment, including our brand-new 400,000+ square-foot facility in Kansas City, has been a critical driver of our growth, especially as clients seek partners that can help them overcome the ongoing supply chain, labor and distribution challenges we see across industries today.”

Harte Hanks’ highly agile and flexible resources were also a key factor in the assignment. “As a national healthcare provider that serves government employees around the globe, our client was searching for a partner that would be able to implement and execute quickly, efficiently and safely to serve new mothers during this exciting time in their lives,” says Jeanne Shaunessy, Chief Client Officer, Harte Hanks. “We serve many clients in healthcare and wellness space, so we understand that the faster you deliver service the more likely you can positively impact the overall health of the consumer.”

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