Privacy Statement Regarding the Harte Hanks Website

Harte Hanks helps other businesses connect people to their brands in powerful ways. In pursuit of the products and services we offer to these businesses, you should know we are prohibited from using their information for our own, or anyone else’s, purposes. This is an important note as this Privacy Statement only applies to the information we collect via this Harte Hanks website; which is collected for our own legitimate business purposes, including but not limited to the delivery of our products and services, our marketing and advertising initiatives in pursuit of the purposes and responding to any inquiries or requests that you initiate. Our use of information collected in connection with this website is subject to this privacy statement. 

You should know Harte Hanks websites are not intended for children and you may use our website only with the permission of a parent or legal guardian if you are under the age of 17. 

Website visitors located outside of the United States should also know that this website is supported by technologies located in the United States and any personal data provided to us via this website will be processed and stored in the United States. By providing us with your Personal Data, you consent to Harte Hanks processing your Personal Data for the purposes limited to your inquiry or request; which can be subsequently withdrawn by you at any time as described below.

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Information we collect and how we use it

The following section explains the kinds of information we collect in connection with our website and how we use such information. 

We collect information about your use of our website

We collect information regarding your use of our website to better communicate with you regarding the products and services we offer and optimize the functionality of our website. We collect this information automatically through website technologies which generally includes: 

  • the web pages you visit,

  • the website features you use,

  • the content you share and

  • information about the technologies you use to connect to our website, including your:

    • internet domain,

    • IP address,

    • device identifier,

    • internet browser and

    • operating system.

We collect information about Harte Hanks ads you interact with

We collect information about you through the use internet cookies, web-beacons and similar technologies on our websites to administer our website and facilitate our marketing initiatives; including any digital advertisements about Harte Hanks you choose to interact with on other websites. We respect your online marketing preferences and generally align our practices in accordance with the interest-based advertising principles of the Digital Advertising Alliance. You can learn more about the information we collect, how we use these technologies and your choices regarding these technologies on our Cookies and Advertising page. To learn more about the use of these technologies and advertising techniques, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative. You can also visit the Digital Advertising Alliance to learn more about your choices regarding these technologies for advertising purposes.

We collect personal information about you

We also collect personal information from and about you for a variety of business purposes. You should know that a Harte Hanks representative may contact you, unless you have instructed us not to, if you provide us with your personal information for any reason. You should also know that while you can withhold your personal information from us, that decision may limit our ability to respond to requests or inquiries you initiate, or provide you with our products and services. Please also know we may share your personal information with third parties we retained under contract to help us facilitate our business. When we share your information with another party however, you should know we prohibit them from using the information we provide for their own marketing purposes and from sharing this information with others.

We collect personal information when you:

  • submit inquiries or requests to us,

  • become a registered user of the website,

  • sign up to receive communications from us or

  • provide it to us for any other reason.

We use personal information to:

  • identify and communicate with you,

  • learn about your company, interests, preferences or needs,

  • promote our products and services to you,

  • provide you with our products or services and

  • respond to any requests or inquiries you initiate.

Examples of personal information we collect:

  • name,

  • job title/role,

  • telephone number,

  • email address or

  • postal address.

We collect financial payment information from you

We may request you provide us with financial payment information when necessary to facilitate financial transactions you initiate. In such cases, you should know we share this information with third parties, retained under contract by us, to facilitate such transactions. Otherwise, financial payment information provided to us is not otherwise used and, once terms have been established and such transactions are complete, we destroy, or otherwise obscure, such information. As described elsewhere within this policy, we work to safeguard this information.

We collect information when you contribute content

We may also collect information you contribute to our website through blogs and similar features. Content you contribute to on our website is used for the exchange of information and opinions; and is subject to “COMMUNICATION SERVICES; USER CONTRIBUTIONS” section of our Terms of Use.

We collect supplemental information about you

We may supplement the information we have about you with other information we receive from third parties. We may also supplement the information we have about you with other information we receive from a parent, sister, or subsidiary Harte Hanks company. Supplemental information may include personal information (as described above) and additional information about the company you tell us you work for. We use supplemental information to facilitate our business objectives; including the marketing, advertising and sales initiatives related to Harte Hanks products and services.

We will share information with other parties

We share information with a parent, sister, or subsidiary Harte Hanks companies and with third parties we retain under contract to provide services to us or on our behalf. Like many companies, we share information with third parties to facilitate our business objectives; including our marketing, advertising and sales initiatives. 

You should know that information concerning you obtained in connection with this website is not sold, transferred, licensed or otherwise traded to third parties for their marketing or advertising initiatives without your permission.

  • Our website offers you opportunities to "opt-in" or "opt-out" in connection with the collection, use and sharing of information concerning you for marketing purposes.

  • We will limit the use and sharing of information concerning you consistent with your “opt-in” or “opt out” preferences.

  • If you "opt-in," you can subsequently "opt-out".

You should also know our information sharing practices support our business objectives and operations; including, but not limited to, those related to:

  • our websites, networks, and systems,

  • the acquisition of information,

  • establishing and maintaining business records,

  • the protection of information and systems,

  • the marketing and advertising of Harte Hanks products and services,

  • any requests or inquires you initiate,

  • the delivery of Harte Hanks products and services,

  • comply with the law or

  • protect or enforce the rights and safety of Harte Hanks, or anyone else.

Note: We may also share information during a change in our corporate control, the merger or acquisition of our company or during the substantial sale of Harte Hanks assets. However, you should know this Privacy Statement shall continue to govern the information collected via this website in such instances. 

You should know that third parties we engage and share information with in support of business objectives are retained under contract. Third parties must adhere to the following guidelines with respect to the information we provide to them:

  • consider it confidential and not share it with others,

  • protect and secure it using administrative, technical and physical controls,

  • use it only in accordance with our instructions and

  • not use it for their own, or anyone else’s, marketing purposes.

We work to keep information secure

We work to keep the information we receive secure through a variety of administrative, technical and physical controls and we test, and seek to continuously improve, these controls. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the security of this website, the information we collect via this website or other any other websites connected to our website that we do not own or operate. 

You should know it is also important for you to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your information. You can take simple steps to protect yourself, such as: 

  • signing off and logging out when you use shared devices,

  • using appropriately complex passwords and

  • not sharing your passwords and keeping them secure.

Your choices related to information concerning you

We offer you several choices related to information concerning you that we have on file in connection with this website. Provided we have information concerning you on file, you are welcome to: 

  • withdraw your consent for processing such information,

  • request copies of information concerning you,

  • instruct us to redact or change information concerning you,

  • specify your communication preferences,

  • instruct us to not contact you in the future, or

  • instruct us to not share information concerning you with others for marketing and advertising purposes.

To submit an inquiry or exercise your choices, simply:

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our privacy practices, wish to issue a complaint about our privacy practices, do not receive a prompt acknowledgment of your inquiry or request, or are unsatisfied about the resolution of the inquiry or request, please let us know.

Attention: Corporate Privacy
c/o Harte Hanks, Inc.
2800 Wells Branch Pkwy.
Austin, TX 78729
Ph. (512) 434-1100

Privacy Statement Updates

This Privacy Statement, like our Terms of Use, is updated from time to time. You should revisit our website to check for updates. 

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