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Harte Hanks is a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company that provides marketing services to businesses targeting local, regional, national and international businesses and consumers. As a general matter, we provide marketing services for our clients using personal information they provide to us in connection with such services and we are prohibited from using our clients'we information for our own, or any other party’s purposes. With exception to the Business Technology Information described herein, we do not collect and sell personal information to be used for another party’s marketing efforts. This Privacy Statement applies to the information we collect by means of our Web sites and describes the fair information practice principles governing our use of such information. This Privacy Statement is generally applicable across all of our Web sites, unless a subsidiary Web site offers you a different privacy statement.

We are committed to respecting your privacy and marketing preferences. It is our policy and practice to conform our business in support of the various laws and regulations that govern our business, privacy and information security practices. We implement controls designed to adhere to legal requirements, generally accepted privacy principles, fair information practice principles and other self-regulatory governance models supporting consumer privacy, consumer choice and business innovation.

If you choose to provide us with your information for any reason, your information is subject to this Privacy Statement. Similarly if you visit our Web sites, your use is subject to all applicable Terms of Use. Our Web sites are not intended for children. If you are under the age of 17, you may use our Web site only with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. Note that as we may collect personal data from Europe and store such information with the United States, we participate in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor programs.



  • Types of Information We Collect and How We Use Such Information
  • Information Provided to Us Will Be Shared with Others
  • We Work to Keep Information Secure
  • Harte Hanks, You and Information Concerning You
  • We participate in the "Safe Harbor" Programs
  • How to Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy Updates

Types of Information We Collect and How We Use Such Information

Website Usage Information

We collect information about how you use our Web sites, including the Web pages and features you visit and the technologies associated with your visit to our Web site. In most instances, Website Usage information is automatically obtained through the systems and technologies connecting you to our Web sites. Web site Usage information may include, but is not limited to, your internet domain, the IP address assigned to your device by your internet provider or other unique device identifiers. Web site Usage information also includes information about your internet browser, operating system or mobile device platform that you use to connect to our Web sites. In general, we assemble Web site Usage information into an aggregate form, meaning we combine information across all visitors to better understand the technologies used to connect to our Web sites. We may also use Web site Usage information to approximate the geographic location associated with a visitor’s internet domain or IP address.


Provided that your Internet browser is configured to accept cookies from Web sites and you have not previously expressed your opposition to such techniques, we use Internet "cookies" or similar technologies in conjunction with the administration of our Web sites and in connection with our marketing endeavors. Cookies represent small text files containing information delivered by our Web sites to your internet browser. The information contained within our cookies may describe Web site usage information or information about our marketing and advertising efforts.

We use cookies to facilitate the administration and functionality of our Web sites to provide you with a better online experience. For example, we may use cookies to identify you as a return visitor to our Web sites, identify you as a registered user, or for other purposes such as displaying our Web site in a specific language.

We also use cookies associated with our marketing communications and advertisements to better understand the effectiveness of our marketing endeavors. For example, our online marketing communications and advertisements may include a cookie which uniquely identifies our communication or advertising efforts. In turn when you visit our Web site, this cookie helps us attribute your visit to a specific message or advertisement. We use this information to refine our marketing endeavors and better communicate about our products or services. We do not use cookies to collect information about your browsing activities on other Web sites or to predict which advertisements are displayed to you on our Web sites.

For more information about cookies and similar online advertising techniques or to learn your options regarding such techniques, please visit not-for-profit organizations, such as the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance. Through these Web sites, you will find additional information about configuring your Internet browser in relation to cookies as well as how you may exercise your choices regarding such online advertising techniques.

Personal Information

We receive and collect personally identifiable information which helps us identify or communicate with you, such as your name, telephone number, email address and postal address. We collect personal information from visitors to our Web sites when they (i) submit inquiries or requests to us, (ii) become registered users of our Web sites, (iii) sign up to receive newsletters, bulletins or other communications from us, (iv) purchase or download our research products, or (v) choose to provide information to us for any other reason. We may also collect personally identifiable information in connection with the Business Technology Information we assemble as further described below. Any personally identifiable information we obtain will be used in connection with providing our products and services and to process any requests or inquiries that you initiate. While you can choose not to provide us with your personal information, that decision may limit our ability to contact you and provide you with our products or services. Also, please note that if we obtain personally identifiable information about you, you may be contacted by a Harte Hanks representative or our clients, unless you have requested that we put you on one of our do-not-contact lists.

Financial Payment Information

We may also request you provide us with financial information as may be required to facilitate financial transactions that you initiate. We may share financial payment information with third parties, retained under contract by us, to facilitate such transactions. As described elsewhere within this policy, we implement safeguards designed to protect against the unauthorized use and disclosure of information. Financial payment information provided to us is not otherwise used and, once terms have been established and such transactions are complete, we destroy, or otherwise obscure, such information.

Supplement Information

We may supplement information we have about you with information we obtain from other sources. Supplemental information may include personally identifiable information, demographic information or other information. We may obtain supplemental information about you from parent, sister or subsidiary companies as well as from other third parties to better serve you or better communicate with you.

Business Technology Information

While not typically collected by our Web sites, you should know that Harte Hanks assembles Business Technology Information used in connection with sending marketing communications to certain employees within specific types of business entities. The Business Technology Information we assemble is intended to describe business's entities including information about the business’ technical infrastructure, technology installations and other details specific to the business. In addition, our Business Technology Information also describes personally identifiable information of key employees within the business entity responsible for certain business operations within the organization. We want you to know that as an employee of a business described within our Business Technology Information, we may identify you and compile information about your role within the business and personally identifiable information in connection with the business. We collect Business Technology Information through our communication efforts with you directly or through indirect means such as communications with other representatives of your company, from publicly available information or from third parties. We make Business Technology Information available to our clients so they may, or Harte Hanks may on their behalf, market their products and services to your business enterprise through you, the employee.

We want you and your company to welcome our attempts to assemble Business Technology Information and your participation in such efforts is completely voluntary. You have a choice to request that you not be contacted in connection with our efforts to collect Business Technology Information, that we reschedule our attempts to contact you or specify that we contact you in a different manner. If you do not want us to provide your information in connection with the Business Technology Information we assemble, please let us know using any of the contact methods set forth below.

User Contributed Content

We may also collect information through our Web sites offering users with the ability to contribute content to our Web sites (known as "Contributed Content.") Contributed Content which appears on our Web sites is used for the exchange of information and opinions and is subject to guidelines set forth within the “COMMUNICATION SERVICES; USER CONTRIBUTIONS” section of our Terms of Use.


Information Provided to Us Will Be Shared with Others

Unless you have previously requested otherwise, we will share your personal information with other parties. To the extent you wish to object to such sharing or otherwise specify your preferences regarding your personal information, please let us know using any of the Contact Us methods set forth below.

We will share information provided to us with other parties in order to operate our Web site and provide services to you. We may rely upon third parties to provide services on our behalf including the administration of certain Web site functions, processing financial payments, shipping, database management, communications system providers and other services related to ensuring information privacy and security. We seek to work with only third-party providers who conform their privacy and information security practices in a manner consistent with our practices and in keeping with industry standards.

We will also share information with our subsidiary affiliates, such as a parent or sister company, in furtherance of our operations any requests that you initiate, such as responding to an advertisement or sending us a do-not-contact request. We will share information about you when we believe the transfer is necessary to comply with the law, to protect or enforce our rights and our safety, or to protect the rights and safety of anyone else. We will share Business Technology Information with third parties for the express purpose of marketing products or services which may be of interest to you.

In the event of a merger or acquisition of our company, the sale of substantially all of its assets related to the operation of our Web site, or other change of corporate control or in any line of business sale, all information concerning Web site visitors and registered Web site users may be transferred to, or controlled by, the surviving or successor entity. In such a case, such information would remain subject to our Privacy Statement.

Except as noted above, we do not share information with third parties so that they may market their products or services to you. Information provided to us by visitors will not be sold, transferred, licensed or otherwise traded to third parties for their marketing purposes without a visitor’s consent. Our Web sites may provide you with the opportunity to “opt in” or “opt out” in connection with the collection or use of your personal information for marketing purposes. We will only use your information consistent with your “opt in” or “opt out” preferences and note that if you “opt in”, you can subsequently “opt-out”.

As our Privacy Statement provides you with information on how you may “opt in” or “opt out” from our information-sharing activities and direct marketing services, we do not maintain, or disclose, a list of parties which may have received your personal information. If you wish to request additional information about how to exercise your choices, please let us know.

We Work to Keep Information Secure

Harte Hanks has training, policies and procedures in place designed to cover and address the logical and physical security of our workplaces, the integrity of such information and the protection of information stored in our systems and on our premises. We seek to ensure our security measures reflect legal requirements, industry standards and additional security measures imposed upon us by our clients. We regularly test, and seek to continuously improve, such security measures.

Unfortunately, no data security methodology is 100% safe, and we cannot guarantee information security. It is also important for you to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your information. Be sure to take simple steps, such as signing off and logging out after each use of a shared computer, keeping your passwords in a secure location, and not sharing your passwords with any third parties.

Our Web site may contain links to other Web sites that are not owned or controlled by us. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other such Web sites, and this Privacy Statement applies only to information collected by us in connection with our Web sites.

We Participate in the “Safe Harbor” Programs

Harte Hanks, Inc. and its subsidiaries collect and process personal information in the United States on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of the clients we serve.  We are participants in the Safe Harbor programs developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the European Unionand Switzerland.  On an annual basis, we certify that we adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.  For more information about the Safe Harbor program or to view our certification status, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor Web site.

If you believe that we are not in compliance with the Safe Harbor principles, first contact us by any of the contact methods below.If you do not receive a prompt acknowledgment of your inquiry, or if your inquiry is not satisfactorily addressed, you can then contact the (U.S.) Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”) Safe Harbor Dispute Resolution Program.  The DMA will then serve as a liaison to us to resolve your concerns in a timely manner.  You can reach the DMA Safe Harbor Program at:

Safe Harbor Line
Direct Marketing Association
1615 L Street, NW, Suit 1100
Washington,DC 20036-5624
Telephone: USA (202) 861-2445

How to Contact Us

We can be contacted using any of the methods below in connection with the matters addressed in this Privacy Policy: To Opt-out, modify your information or otherwise change your preferences, please:

Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding our privacy practices: 

Attention: Corporate Privacy
c/o Harte Hanks, Inc.
2800 Wells Branch Pkwy.
Austin, TX 78729
Telephone: (512) 434-1100
e-mail: psac@Harte

Privacy Statement Updates

This Privacy Statement, like our Terms of Use, may be updated periodically. Unless stated otherwise, our Privacy Statement applies to all information that we have collected concerning you in connection with our Web sites. You are encouraged to revisit our Privacy Statement, as posted on our Web sites, from time to time to check for updates.  If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us and let us know. (Last Revised: July 2013)

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