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Market Study: Modernizing Service Experiences With AI and Digital

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In this excerpt from the 2022 CCW Market Study,  Harte Hank’s Ben Chacko, Managing Director, Customer Care, addresses personalization in Customer Experience.

What “Personalization” Really Means In Today’s Cx Landscape

Can knowing a customer’s name and favorite sports team positively impact support interactions? Absolutely. Does it automatically constitute personalization? Not in today’s hypercompetitive customer experience landscape.

Today’s consumers are no longer as easily impressed with simple personalization. They want brands to leverage what they know to create experiences that are easier, more relevant, and more likely to yield accurate, timely resolutions.

Moreover, they seek this caliber of personalization in all channels at all phases of the customer journey. They expect all interactions, from marketing emails, to self-service engagements, to in-depth customer support conversations, to demonstrate cognizance of their urgency levels, intentions, and sentiments. By and large, brands are falling short of this standard; only 15% of consumers feel the majority of their experiences are personalized.

How can companies escape this bleak landscape? How can they better understand their customers and, in turn, successfully redesign their end-to-end experiences? What role will digital channels and artificial intelligence solutions play in this process?

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