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Harte Hanks Lends Expertise for Employee Satisfaction Webinar with COPC


Research highlights the importance of team leaders to employee engagement and satisfaction

Research by COPC Inc., the global leader in customer experience consulting, shows that an effective team leader significantly impacts employee satisfaction and retention. In the webinar presented by Rick Zayas, Vice President at COPC, and Katy Crighton, Senior Director of HR at Harte Hanks, they discuss the impact of investing in team leaders, providing insights and helpful tactics supported by the research.

Zayas asked an excellent question about team leader recruitment, “Beyond completing the training, how does Harte Hanks know the team leader is ready?”

Crighton provided details on how Harte Hanks approaches hiring team leaders:

“We have a lot of seasonal promotion opportunities where someone can test the waters and see if a position is right for them but also get feedback from the supervisor in the seasonal role. They can try different teams and different accounts. We have a very close relationship with the supervisors. They’re usually the ones recommending somebody for a seasonal team lead role. When we do the promotion, it’s usually somebody who has attempted seasonal roles and has shown themselves to be effective in that position.”

Continue watching the full webinar for more insights like the above, as well as other topics including:

  • Training for team leader success
  • The team leader’s role in recruitment quality
  • Finding the right manager-to-staff ratios
  • The value of frequent and meaningful one-on-ones

Join us at ProcureCon Marketing in London for an engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Harte Hanks.