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Manage Your Marketing Budget Better: 3 Must-Knows About MaaS

By April 25, 2023May 31st, 2024Marketing Services, Newsroom
Published Date: Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023
Last Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2024
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This is an excerpt from DM News and was written by Abby Miller.

How a global distributor stretched their marketing budget by embracing MaaS

Here’s how a leading global distributor of electronics components used MaaS to efficiently support their design engineers with digital solutions. To facilitate seamless marketing flexibility and scaling with evolving market demands, they partnered with Harte Hanks to access additional knowledge and skills from experienced marketing professionals.

In 2020, this global distributor needed support to launch their multi-country, European marketing campaigns. They partnered with Harte Hanks to access strategy, creative talent, campaign planning, and execution – both online and offline, as well as trade show support. The dedicated Harte Hanks team worked alongside the client’s in-house team, as an extension that could adjust its size based on campaign seasonality and demand.

The distributor employed a flexible MaaS model in which Harte Hanks provided direct access to a pool of talented resources for their specific needs based on the type of campaign, event, or omnichannel experience they were launching.

Janel Harris, managing director of marketing services at Harte Hanks, explained, “We provide strategic and execution services across various disciplines with agility and flexibility, delivering end-to-end, ongoing or one-time campaigns across Europe.”

For this client, Harte Hanks’ MaaS solutions today include regional and campaign-based strategy, creative services, campaign execution via marketing automation platforms, data acquisition, and optimization support, digital ads, direct mail, event support, localization, and project management.

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