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The Lab

Your innovation department.

Unlocking the potential of every great sales & marketing idea.


You wouldn’t deploy software without testing. You wouldn’t launch a marketing campaign without testing. So why deploy new sales initiatives without testing?

Year after year, brands fall short to new customer demands, new expectations and changing buyer behaviors. The writing is now on the wall: If your strategy isn’t moving with the times, you’re destined to fall behind.

Sales testing is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It’s critical to the upward success of your performance, profitability and growth. When you test in the right way, you validate practices, overcome saturation and identify opportunities to intelligently boost your revenue.

% of Developers that Test Software


% of Marketers that A/B Test


% of Sellers that Test Sales


What is The Lab?

The Lab is the lifeblood of Harte Hanks Sales, and the cornerstone for our successes. It’s our facility to strategize, experiment and invent your next winning sales move. Inside this unique, data-led environment, your sales initiatives are tested and validated to deliver unmatched levels of efficiency and performance.

Powered by the wisdom of our accomplished SDRs and paired with our Innovative Sales Play Development department, our sales initiatives deliver heightened win rates, faster results and better conversion rates. The Lab is instrumental in achieving this, providing actionable, real-time insights for optimizing team-wide effectiveness and agility.

Testing in "The Lab"

The Lab gives your business the opportunity to test key elements of your sales initiatives, identifying the best returns on effort and investment. Our proprietary analytics inform process improvements based on the people, processes, data, systems and assets you have in place. Our testing methodologies measure and analyze:

  • Messaging and content
  • Touch pattern frequency
  • Channels and lead sources
  • Time period

Boosting some of the world's most innovative sales environments

Validate effectiveness

Ensure your next move is a winning move. Testing inside The Lab guarantees new processes, plays or initiatives are going to positively impact your pipeline, before any team-wide rollout or adoption.

Increase adoption

Seamless team adoption. The Lab implementation is the ultimate proof-point for your next winning sales initiative. Armed with authentic and measurable pipeline results, you can prove the value of your next move to your entire sales floor.

Forecast & capacity plan

Forecast confidently, with ambition. Experimentation gives you a lens into expected revenue and pipeline growth over time. By understanding your expected long-term ROI and ROE, you can scale activity and headcount to suit your growth goals.

Benchmarking insights

No more shooting in the dark — benchmark with confidence. Testing in our lab environment gives your strategists clear and reasonable team performance expectations based on your initiatives, tech stack and the results of our accomplished in-house SDRs.

Want to learn more about The Lab?

Our Sales Services are driven by The Lab and its approach to continuous testing and innovating. Submit the below form to see how The Lab can drive your sustained growth.

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