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Harte Hanks Webinar Reveals Today’s Best Practices for Social Media

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Executives worldwide attend 4 Lessons from 2021 to Maximize Social ROI

Today, social media is one of the most effective ways for advertisers to connect with customers and grow their businesses. On Wednesday, February 16, executives discovered how to make their social media more powerful than ever before with the fresh insights revealed by Harte Hanks’ new webinar.

In 4 Lessons from 2021 to Maximize Social ROI, senior Harte Hanks and Relative Insight experts used recent, real-world case studies to illustrate how top companies can leverage their social media channels to build customer trust, brand loyalty and ultimately ROI.

By speaking customer language and providing a resolution, you can take something naturally seen as problematic and completely turn it on its head to design a self-care strategy. By taking something that can be a negative and doing something the customer doesn’t expect, they’re more likely to stick with you.”

-Clare Woodward, Relative Insight

The key takeaways shared during this event included insights into how companies can boost their online reviews from 3 to 4 stars and ways to tap into cutting-edge techniques in customer care to extract deeper understandings of social media interactions.

As part of Harte Hanks’ new From Care to Caring webinar series, 4 Lessons from 2021 to Maximize Social ROI was created in partnership with Relative Insight. The event’s presenters included Peter DeTrempe, VP Client Services; Zach Nelson, VP Group Strategy; and Mayra Rios, Social Media Manager from Harte Hanks; as well as Clare Woodward, Customer Success Director at Relative Insight.

Join us at ProcureCon Marketing in London for an engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Harte Hanks.