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Patient Support Programmes (PSPs)

Drive adherence. Improve efficacy.

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The journey to better patient outcomes starts with Connected Care.

Connected Care brings together Harte Hanks’ best-in-class CX and fulfilment capabilities to deliver life-changing patient outcomes. We have more than 15 years of experience designing, integrating and executing Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) sponsored by top pharmaceutical companies in more than 20 countries.

With our comprehensive understanding of regional nuances and tactical strategy, we deliver bespoke programmes that improve clinical outcomes, encourage adherence and optimise the experiences of HCPs and patients and every stage in the treatment journey.

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Challenges we solve

Our Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) are designed to remove barriers to optimal patient care. From emotional support to self-monitoring and dosage tracking, we build solutions that connect patients to caregivers across all digital and physical touchpoints.


Patient enablement

Overcoming practical barriers to full adherence, including access to refills and resources, commuting to appointments, missed dosages and forgetfulness.


Patient education

Providing educational materials to help patients self-administer treatments in the comfort of their homes, safely and effectively.


Patient support

Bridging the gap between HCPs, caregivers and patients with virtual care and monitoring tools that inspire better healthcare outcomes.


Global execution

Navigating European nuances by building localised and adaptive programs, tailored to national regulations, treatment journeys and cultural affinities.


Opt-in and enrolment

Onboarding patients and HCPs quickly with easy, secure opt-in – fully compliant with all Pharmaceutical Code of Ethics and GDPR standards.


Patient wellbeing

Supporting patients through obstacles that lead to non-adherence, such as fear to administer, risk to long-term health and improved physical wellbeing.

Encouraging adherence at every stage in the treatment journey.

  • Digital platforms and portals

  • Patient enrolment/opt-in

  • Self-monitoring tools

  • CRM and analytics

  • Multichannel disease education

  • Content, UX and creative

  • Fulfilment services

  • Personalised interactions

Our Patient Support Program (PSP) solutions

Our Connected Care programmes are customised to each patient’s unique treatment requirements. Using a flexible set of components, we facilitate communication, interaction, insights and virtual support to help practitioners meet their patients where they are – digitally, physically and emotionally.


Behavioural insights

The closer we are to patients behaviourally, the closer we are to understanding and better serving them. We analyse emerging emotions and resulting behaviours to make science-led decisions based on segment, moment in the journey and personal preferences.

Holistic 360° patient profiles

Creating and maintaining actionable personas to guide content creation, reveal emotional tension and uncover the needs, values and channels that shape patient actions.

Patient segmentation

Segmenting patients based on multiple static and dynamic behavioural drivers that inform onboarding optimisation and 1:1 support strategy.

Longitudinal patient view

Informing engagement strategy design and the timing of interventions based on prior learning and global drivers of emerging behaviour.

Easy access platforms and portals

We provide patients with a suite of tools that help them to feel confident with their disease management, expertly-informed about their treatment journey, and fully connected to their healthcare team. From landing pages to portals and apps: Our solutions are always compliant to user preferences and GDPR regulations.

  • Website/platform development
  • Self-monitoring tools
  • UX design and app development
  • Easy enrolment portals

Digital and traditional channel implementation

We build solutions across all traditional and digital channels to optimise the experience for key healthcare stakeholders. Using an integrated mix, our virtual and point-of-care implementations help providers deliver smoother onboarding processes and accessible, relevant patient communications.

  • Digital content creation
  • Inbound and outbound support
  • Leaflet and brochure design
  • Print fulfilment

Personalised content and touchpoints

Supporting patient and HCP education through dynamic, personalised experiences that serve their specific needs and behaviours. By delivering data-driven, meaningful content, we drive relevance for enrolees, removing barriers to participation and programme sustainability.

  • Personalised SMS reminders
  • Customised content
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Omnichannel delivery

Fulfilment execution

Our integrated European fulfilment operations enable seamless delivery of physical materials and personalised communications. From treatment starter kits to OTC sample fulfilment, we ensure every provider has the necessary resources to deliver swift, smooth and highly effective patient experiences.

  • Treatment starter kits
  • OTC sample fulfilment
  • Print communications

Integration and visibility

Our programmes are built on outcome-based partnerships between HCPs, nurses, pharmaceutical providers and caregivers. We prioritise the communication and patient monitoring needs of all relevant stakeholders, increasing visibility and reducing disconnect across the treatment lifecycle.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Analytics and data management
  • Caregiver integration

Why Harte Hanks?

Patient centricity

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Using predictive modelling we identify patterns and implement optimisations that inspire patients to navigate more positively through their treatment regime.

Stakeholder implementation

Co-creation is essential to mutual buy-in and continued advocacy. We work alongside cross-functional teams to build balanced programmes, ensuring a smooth stakeholder approval process and a timely launch.

Optimised enrolment

Thoughtful planning of communication and enrolment strategy is essential. Our activation strategically engages HCPs, nurses and other relevant parties at optimal timings to improve treatment delivery and effectiveness.

Adaptive and agile

We’re committed to building sustainable, adaptive PSPs by continually refining programmes based on key behavioural motivators, shifting attitudes and rapidly changing expectations around treatment and therapy.

Of the multiple vendors we engaged with to launch this program, Harte Hanks stood out because of their commitment to exceptional customer service and patient care, and based on how quickly they are able to execute technology solutions. They are true leaders in customer experience and have helped us achieve the strongest customer satisfaction ratings we’ve seen from our patients.

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