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B2B Practice

To “B” or not to “B”? How Harte Hanks’ behavior-based insights optimize B2B marketing.

B2B has often been looked upon as minor league when compared to the dollars, effort and human resources expended against B2C. The commonly held belief is that B2B efforts are primarily price-driven, service-oriented, purely rational and fact-based. But here’s a revelation. Business-to-business is not all business. You are still selling goods and services to humans. Customers who are psychologically motivated by the same emotional triggers in their professional lives as they are in their personal lives.

At Harte Hanks, we give B2B marketing a human touch. With methodologies designed to uncover behavior-based insights that will drive customer engagement, enhance customer experience and accelerate sales. This forms the foundation on which we build data models and technology platforms that are reliable, content and channel strategies that captivate and marketing operations that are intuitive and scalable. It enables us to deliver unparalleled data-driven digital and direct marketing programs, every time, for every B2B client.

We support a growing list of global blue-chip companies from our offices globally. Our industry expertise spans technology, telecom, media, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and business and professional services. Our resource offerings provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of services in today’s B2B marketing space.

Come and experience how our protocol can capture the mind and touch the heart of every one of your customers. And how that leads to optimization of every B2B initiative.

You’ll see why at Harte Hanks, “Business to Business” is never business as usual.

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