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We live and breathe the patient experience

At Harte Hanks Health, we have extensive experience working with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. Our understanding of patient behavior and the nuances of reaching these customers is unmatched in the industry. We recognize that effective communication is crucial in shaping patient behavior, and understanding their motivation and decision-making process is key.

Patient engagement is an ongoing process, and our team understands that patients may have questions or require support for the duration of their lifetime. While technology can handle the bulk of patient interactions, subpar technology can drive patients away. That’s why we leverage world-class technology to provide optimal support, ensuring that every patient feels heard and cared for.

Our digital platforms, tools and expertise allow us to establish robust digital channels such as dedicated websites, portals, SMS, chat, email, and call centers with live phone support. We analyze patient data from these channels to continually enhance the patient experience and improve your healthcare marketing efforts.

As your healthcare marketing agency, we’re committed to developing an intuitive healthcare marketing strategy that caters to your unique needs. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, patient care and healthcare creative services, and we personalize each client’s approach for maximum effectiveness. With fast implementation of healthcare technology solutions, we’re ready to get started when you are.

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of patient interactions regarding their pharmaceuticals and provider plans will occur without human exchange. While technology can drive down the cost of patient support, it can also drive away your patient if the experience is sub-optimal.

Of the multiple vendors we engaged with to launch this program, Harte Hanks stood out because of their commitment to exceptional customer service and patient care, and based on how quickly they are able to execute technology solutions. They are true leaders in customer experience and have helped us achieve the strongest customer satisfaction ratings we’ve seen from our patients.

Client’s Senior Product ManagerPatient Experience, Healthcare Company