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Customer Experience

We’re more than just reps.

We are 2,000 customer care associates who provide full CX support.

Don’t think of us as reps in a call center. Think of us as your counselor, social worker, problem solver, mediator, and on occasion, friend. Our agents are channel agnostic. Email, chat, or SMS…our associates are your brand’s advocates no matter how they engage with your customers. We recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to win a new customer or a lifetime of loyalty from an existing customer. Our channel management experts will guide you through understanding which messaging solutions your customers expect and best resolve their issues.

The varied expertise of our agents means we can assist your customers with everything from technical support to social media monitoring to troubleshooting unique requests.

We’re your reconnaissance team. We uncover problems and find solutions. Whether communication is asynchronous or in real time, in-app or over the phone, our customer service associates are trained to look between the words. Because what isn’t said is often more important than what is.

Customer Experience

Learn more about our approach to improve customer experience and resolution while keeping labor costs low through The Smartest Customer Care.

For an exceptional customer experience, Harte Hanks provides these core offerings:

  • Customer care

  • Technical support

  • Social monitoring and engagement

  • CX data and analytics


Harte Hanks in Action:
Superior Customer Care

Join us at ProcureCon Marketing in London for an engaging roundtable discussion hosted by Harte Hanks.