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Data and Analytics

Data is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

You’d never go into battle without good reconnaissance. You’d never go into surgery without good imaging. And you’d never attempt to successfully build a brand without good data. 

At the core of Harte Hanks, everything starts with data.

But while data may be a brand’s most valuable resource, like a precious metal it needs to be mined, extracted, cleaned, arranged and crafted to unlock its true worth. This requires the deep expertise of our data strategists and engineers, along with a proven protocol.

Core offerings

  • DataView
  • Audience identification and prioritization
  • Predictive modeling
  • Measurement framework
  • Performance dashboard
  • Data hygiene

Data Management

aggregates all viable and relevant sources of data from our clients, vendors and lists. These are the puzzle pieces that begin to define, in broad strokes, the customer base.

Data Acquisition and Data Enrichment

is an expedition to collect key information, often from unlikely sources, based on sets of brand-relevant criteria and variables. In addition to exploring outside data sources and reports, we will tap into Harte Hanks DataView, a proprietary database of 240 million potential customers (18 & over) across 1,200 individual demographic attributes and 323 million business contacts across 200 firmographic attributes to help extend the potential customer base beyond current expectations.

Data Quality

is our digital remediation crew. They are our very own “hazmat team.” They ensure that the data is fit for its intended marketing purpose. They don’t just scrub, they power wash. They merge and purge, validate and verify. They attack every list, address, URL, email, phone number and social handle. Identify compliance and privacy concerns. Compile and catalogue demographic, psychographic and interest attributes. All in an effort to achieve an immaculate customer database. Optimized and prepped for maximum results, equipping our clients with the ability to make accurate decisions around their data marketing needs.

When our data team is done, you will be armed and ready to attack any marketing challenge, across each and every channel.

Data Analytics

Harte Hanks Analytics Group. Think of them as a highly trained forensics team.

The world is awash in data. But data points are like clues and evidence. They are fodder from which we draw conclusions, create testable hypotheses and glean insights. Data holds the key to more effective customer interactions, achieving greater revenues and enhancing brand loyalty. But the mystery still needs to be solved.

Beyond the data lies analytics. Our Analytics Team is all about unlocking the most unique and compelling insights buried within the data. Extracting these insights allows for the highest degree of customization and personalization for all subsequent marketing programs and initiatives. Deep-dive analytics allow us to work with the hints, the clues, the evidence, to develop a better understanding of our clients’ customers. Who are they? What drives them to act? And what might their future behaviors look like? We also save our clients time and resources by identifying superfluous directions that can distract from the mission, essentially eliminating “the noise.” So our clients can confidently focus marketing efforts on key consumer drivers.

We employ the talents of consummate data science professionals, supported by cutting-edge technology tools and platforms. And futuristic machine learning that’s taking customer modeling to places it has never been.

Our Analytics group works across all industries and data sources, from basic data marts to complex ecosystems. But the endgame is simple: Turn intricate customer data into approachable and usable customer narratives.

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