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The power of the Buyer's Journey

Even the most impulsive shoppers don’t enter their buyer’s journey on a whim. When you break it down, customers buy products and services to get a job done – to solve a problem, fix a need, give themselves a treat. And they choose the brands that best help them get that job done.

Our role as best-in-class marketers today is not to think of the journey as a one-size-fits-all awareness-through-advocacy process, but instead to get under the skin of the job people are trying to do and figure out ways to help them get it done better, smarter, more efficiently. By looking at the buyer’s journey through this lens, we can work out what success looks like and serve up content people will love at every step of the way.

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“It is important for marketers to see that there are two benefits from knowing the buyer's journey. You can spend your money more effectively, and you can avoid irritating or losing customers.”

Frank Grillo, CMO, Harte Hanks




Start with understanding the problem someone' s trying to solve, the job they're trying to do. Think about it people don't want a lawnmower, they want a neat yard. Once you work out their problem, you can work out how to engage with them throughout the journey.

Teaming up with Tony Ulwick, creator of the Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory, we've put together the five stages of the new buyer's journey.

The five stages of the Buyer's Journey

The five stages of the Buyer's Journey
Problem Recognition

I've moved to a new house with a yard and realize my lawn is overgrown.

Information Search

I ask friends, check out offers and look at online reviews for lawnmowers.


I compare the products I've been recommended look at prices and weigh up which is best for me.

The 15 customer goals within the Buyer's Journey

To help you figure out what content to serve customers when we can break things down further and look at the goals within their buyer's journey. Let's go back to our lawnmower example. When I notice my new lawn's overgrown, I may choose to wait until the summer to get a lawnmower. Or, I might even hire a lawn service.

Each goal informs the type of content a customer desire at that time. Understand these, delivery value in the right moments and you'll be remembered positively whether they buy from you or not.


win attention

Build trust and rapport even if people don't buy from you

connect people

Grow loyalty and advocacy through pertinent, positive experiences

make brand

Get to know how people want to buy, not just what they want to buy

deliver content

Develop a road map that navigates what content to serve people

positive connection

Provide value rather than interrupting people on their path to purchase


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