Want to leverage the power of social to turn prospects into profits? The Harte Hanks Social Intelligence Toolkit will show you how.

The Power of Social Intelligence

The ever-expanding social landscape is showing no signs of slowing down. For B2B businesses, this brings big, valuable opportunities to listen, understand and shape deeper connections with buyers. That’s exactly where Social Intelligence has an important role to play. Designed to navigate through the chatter online and uncover what matters to your brand, Social Intelligence fuels success in boosting sales opportunities and building rewarding relationships. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Introducing the Social Intelligence Toolkit

Our four core Social Intelligence tools will help you get the most value from social media,
by uncovering important insights that will empower your brand to connect and thrive. The robust tools can be used individually or brought together to create packages tailored to your business’ needs.


Social Audit

Understand how your brand stands in the social space to engage more effectively

A closer look at your approach to social, your competitors and the external landscape, to uncover the insight you need to refine social strategies and shape powerful relationships.


Social Reporting

Tune in to the areas of social which are most relevant to your brand and buyers

We’ll maneuver you through the social noise to get to the heart of insights, trends and conversations that are relevant to you – and guide you on how to act on them.


Social Selling

Step up your prospects and engage with buyers and decision-makers

Our renowned expertise in social selling will bring prospects to light, helping you to build outstanding relationships and follow up on valuable leads.


Social Command Center

Be ‘first at the scene’ for conversations you won’t want to miss

Real-time monitoring of events and conversations, to keep on top of important conversations without putting strain on internal resources.


Growing revenue for a world-leading
technology business

How did our Social Intelligence Toolkit help a global technology company achieve 185% more leads, and a 97% increase in win rates? Find out here.


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