Don’t Just Dazzle with Great Streaming Content Only to Disappoint with Lackluster Customer Experience

Elevate your customer experience (CX) game to match your content prowess

89% of streaming providers win subscribers with their customer support.

Your streaming media company is at the top of its game when it comes to providing content that dazzles the mind, stirs the emotions, and elevates the spirit. But how is your customer experience (CX) game these days? Are you keeping up with the latest CX trends, technologies and analytics?

Delivering industry-leading content without providing an amazing, comprehensive customer experience means you are missing huge opportunities for growing your subscriber base and keeping them longer.

Learn why some of the biggest names in digital streaming count on Harte Hanks for a customized support solution that’s always a slam dunk. Moving them down the funnel from free trial to service upgrade, every interaction with your customers provides you with a chance to:

  • deliver superior customer experience that encourages upgrades and cross-sells
  • provide true connection with your subscribers for higher customer retention
  • turn your subscribers into die-hard, lifelong fans who can’t wait to spread the word

Harte Hanks will help you deliver on all of this and more — big time.

Make Magic

Whether chasing dragons or dunking the ball, your customers love to feel a part of the action. —so they’ll get the most out of your services and want to stay a subscriber

  • Omni-channel support: No matter where they are, 24/7 (email, chat, call centers, etc.)
  • Deep CX expertise: Expert staff will enchant with smart technology and know-how that entices and engages
  • Self-help options: Put the power at their fingertips for “on demand” support that beguiles

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