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Marketing as a Service

Agency vs. insourcing vs. outsourcing. Why not the best of all?

In a data-driven digital landscape, successful customer engagement has become a monumental challenge. The complexities of required resources, and the choreography necessary to synchronize all the moving pieces, require capabilities and competencies beyond the scope of any singularly focused enterprise.​

In-house departments tend to be unscalable, slow to react and daunting to staff.​ BPOs are often narrow in scope and lacking a strategic or innovative focus.​

Enter Harte Hanks Marketing As A Service (MAAS).  A flexible, outsourced marketing operations solution built to deliver all aspects of data and analytics, campaign automation and demand generation that optimizes efficiencies, lowers cost, and can scale instantly in any direction.

MAAS engages in a deep analysis of your marketing needs and forms customized, interdisciplinary teams of professionals to address exactly what is required to execute and implement the optimal set of operations and workflow for your business. The team will continually evolve to meet changing needs and market conditions.​

​Our employees and expertise can be seamlessly embedded within your company or operate off-site as a comprehensive marketing services extension of your business model. Or anything in between. Our capabilities offer our clients access to talent and expertise around the globe. ​​

Dramatically lower costs. Greater flexibility. Total control. Absolute scalability.

That’s not lip service. That’s Harte Hanks Marketing As A Service.

Core offerings

  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Data and analytics
  • Data operations
  • Marketing technology
  • Creative services and social media
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