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Marketing-as-a-Service: 5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Do More with MaaS

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In this excerpt from the 2023 white paper, Marketing-as-a-Service: 5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Do More with Maas,Harte Hanks Marketing Services experts provide their top tips on why MaaS may be right for your business.

Marketing-as-a-Service is a flexible, scalable way to solve your toughest marketing challenges.

Modern marketing operations require team members to wear many hats, often alongside the use of external agencies to meet the increasingly varied and fast-changing needs of the business. However, it’s not always an option to scale in-house marketing or add specialist resources from external agencies to the mix. Many organizations are solving the talent shortage challenge by turning to a more flexible model that gives their marketing teams access to exactly what they need when they need it, in a way that makes sense for their business: Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS).

How MaaS works:

A modern, flexible marketing operations approach, MaaS works as a highly integrated extension of a company’s marketing functions. It enables large and mid-sized enterprises to overcome cost, scaling or transformation challenges. MaaS can supplement in-house marketing through in-sourced resources, or work as an alternative to conventional outsourcing or agency partnership models. It can even work as a hybrid of both.

MaaS blends the best of agency and business process outsourcing (BPO) approaches and skills to operationalize, control and deliver high-performing marketing services such as data operations, marketing technology management and demand generation. It’s configured to the company’s needs based on one or more marketing service modules, and is flexible enough to be scaled quickly based on volumes, seasonality, events, product launches and other factors.

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