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Tony Ulwick

Tony Ulwick is the pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory, the inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) process, and the founder of the strategy and innovation consulting firm Strategyn. He is the author of Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice (IDEA BITE PRESS, October 2016), “What Customers Want” (McGraw-Hill) and numerous articles in Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review.


The jobs-to-be-done framework was built to create products that get the job done by recognizing customer motivators. While this might sound easy, defining the job to be done correctly is a prerequisite to predictable success in innovation for your business.  

So what is the best way to define the Customer's job-to-be-done?

We’d like to share how Tony Ulwick’s proven approach can overcome this complexity. Tony’s thinking provides a systematic way of addressing challenges we all face in driving growth and meeting the needs of our customers.

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