Customer Experience Nightmares, What Keeps Streamers Awake at Night? - Part 3

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June 24, 2019

It's now 4:10 AM. What's keeping you awake at night? Pre-dawn chapter

What Keeps You Awake at Night_3

Dynamic channel assistance means understanding the pattern in the types of support your customers will ask for. Identifying when inquiries are most likely to happen helps you understand how to align your efforts with the right channels.

There are a few simple choices that you can make:
  • Consider dynamically removing the email/webform button on your website or in-app when resources are focused on other channels. In the heat of the moment, users will email and then immediately follow-up with a call or chat, potentially doubling the contact center workload. The reality is you likely won’t get to the email until well after your event has ended, causing a negative customer perception.
  • Consider removing your chat button when your resources need to be focused on other channels.
  • Guide customers to use self-help resources for easily managed tasks like password resets or payment updates.
  • Require customers to search your online FAQs or knowledge base prior to accessing your 800#.

In the meantime, here are a few tips to consider before the big show:

  • Proactively contact customers with expired or near expiration payment methods to prompt them to update their profile with updated payment information. This helps reduce the need to speak to a live agent in the crunch of things. By the way, it also means they will have to remember their username and password to access your app—another easily avoidable frustration point when precious moments and customer satisfaction matter.
  • Integrate your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with your subscription data, allowing you to dynamically prompt users to update their subscription data without human intervention. This allows your team to focus on other customer support priorities. 
  • Pre-record IVR messages, set up site alert notifications and pre-approve social messages that acknowledge potential issues. This reassures the customer/user and minimizes the time to put a solution in place before your queue grows to an unmanageable state.
  • Load test the secondary IT functions like the email or SMS system that delivers password resets via email or SMS, payment processing or the help site itself.
  • Operationally, don’t skimp on floor support for your agents. If it’s your big day, you’re likely to have several newer employees you’ve onboarded to help manage the onslaught of eager customers. They will have more questions than you can imagine. Ensure they are well supported to minimize stress for the agent and help guarantee a positive customer experience.
  • Don’t be left in the dust on up-and-coming methods of support. It won’t be long before customers regularly reach out via SMS, Snapchat, WhatsApp or the Alexa app. Work with an organization that can easily integrate the new support methodologies into their technology and workflow.
  • On the chat side of things, use chatbots to manage customer needs in the same way. We’re here to work that through with you. Sure, it saves you time and money. But, first and foremost, it empowers the customer to resolve their own issue. Isn’t that what drives a customer to streaming in the first place? They want empowerment to control their own destiny.

Now you know that we know what keeps you up at night. Best of all, we know what to do about it. It’s our job to think about these things and hopefully that helps you sleep a little better. I think I’ll get back to bed, the sun will be up in about an hour.