Harte Hanks Featured September 2018

September 19, 2018

Welcome to Featured.

After getting all kinds of inspiration and motivation at the recent Content Marketing World event, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit in my letters from the editor. It’s about to get a bit more personal around here! 

I’ll be picking my favorite pieces of content to share with you, and I’d love to hear your feedback (my email address is below). Let me know what you enjoy, what tanked IYO (in your opinion) and what you’d like to hear about next time. And if you do find some value in this content, please do me a solid and share it with someone else in your network. 

The first piece I’ve included this month is about the relationship between marketing and finance. Marketers often lament the adversarial relationship between marketing and finance. Kay Lemon, Ph.D., and Jon Biro, CFO, provide a fresh perspective on the issue—marketers must, in fact, have more empathy for finance. See why and how. 

Next up is a piece authored by Rich Romig from our creative team. I always look forward to his insightful writing. Here, Rich explores some of the key ingredients to a successful agency-client relationship. Pork is optional. 

There’s a lot of talk in the retail space about creating engaging brick-and-mortar experiences. Alibaba (China’s Amazon) has put their moola where their mouth is with their FashionAI store. See how they’re fully integrating the physical and digital in a piece by Resultrek President Karl Hellman. 

Finally, it’s that time of year again: budget planning! Strategist Zach Nelson puts forth a plan for creating realistic marketing plans that will actually come in on budget throughout the coming year. 

As always, I hope you find some value in this content. Until next time, 


Director, Content Marketing