Harte Hanks Featured Vol 8 Mar 2018

March 14, 2018

Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to the March issue of Featured.

I’ve taken a slightly different approach at choosing content this month. Each of the pieces provides different insights on market segmentation—starting with Tony Ulwick’s new piece on milkshake marketing, published in Marketing Journal. In this piece, he explores the limits of traditional segmentation and how segmenting markets by jobs to be done may be a more effective approach.

Segmentation is the first of what we call our 5 Pillars of Best-in-Class Marketing—because even the best marketing won’t work if it’s delivered to the wrong audience. Check out the quick video that introduces our approach to segmentation.

Dig in further and you’ll learn a bit about how our internal team is working toward ‘segments of one’ in our own marketing. We also offer an ebook with a step-by-step how-to for finding your own market sweet spots.

Hope you find value in this month’s content!


Nicole Bump

Director, Content Marketing