Outsourcing Customer Care Myth #5: All Vendors Are The Same

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February 12, 2018

Welcome to the last of our myth-busting series on outsourcing customer care. Here’s a quick look back at what we learned from the previous entries:

Which leads us to our final entry...

Myth #5: All vendors are the same, so I should hire the cheapest one

TRUTH: This is probably the biggest myth and the one that gave rise to the first four. It is a clear case of getting what you pay for. Unfortunately, many companies have learned this lesson the hard way and paid for it with loss of reputation and revenue.

Cost is always a concern, but start your search process by setting cost factors aside. Identify the components of your customer care program that are absolute musts. For example, you may decide that a partner must be able to provide care via certain channels, such as phone, email, chat and social.

You’ll also want to make sure to find a contact center partner that’s a good cultural fit for your business. Take a good look at how well their people understand your customers and how well your potential partner can build a culture to support your brand.

What to look for in a customer care partner

Look first for a partner with the proper qualifications and experience. You will probably find that the enhanced efficiency and results they bring to the table will result in a program that is cost effective while improving customer service results.

The bottom line is that looking at the overall value, not simply the price tag, will deliver efficiencies, customer satisfaction and cost savings over the long term. Ultimately, the right partner can help enhance your brand and reputation.

Questions to ask a potential contact center partner

1. How many customer care interactions do you handle on a daily/monthly/annual basis?

Look for someone who is equipped to handle your program’s volume.

2. What is your approach to onshoring (US), offshoring (Asia) and rightshoring (combination)?

Does the vendor have a variety of centers around the globe to offer flexibility and cost efficiencies?

3. How quickly can you ramp resources up and down to ensure cost- and resource-appropriate scalability?

Make sure a vendor can meet your timeline.

4. In what ways can you decrease expenses while delivering quality service and results?

Again, you want a partner who can share examples of ways they have helped other clients.

5. While considering all of these other factors and efficiencies, how do you also work to ensure a cultural fit with our brand?

Look for agent communication skills like active listening and empathy. Ensure that they have the ability for conversational and contextual understanding of what the customer is trying to say.

Provide flawless customer service that shows you really care

That’s five for five—we’ve successfully debunked each of the common myths surrounding outsourcing your customer care.

Some businesses are still basing their customer care decisions on the image of a dark, impersonal call center. Don’t let misconceptions impact your business. You now know the truth beyond the myths: outsourcing can be a smart business strategy that allows you to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty beyond your in-house capabilities, if you take the time to research and select the right partner. 

Some of the most loved brands across industries are outsourcing their customer care with great success. You have opportunity to replicate this success and differentiate your business with less costly, more flexible, more impactful customer care, delivered by an experienced outsource partner. Learn more about our contact center services here.