Top 6 Buyer's Journey Pieces of 2017—Read On!

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January 04, 2018

We need to understand our buyers' journeys in order to add value for them every step of the way. A look through our 2017 content showcases a variety of thought leadership on the topic. Below, you'll find some of our most-read, most insightful buyer's journey pieces. Have a look: 

Did Micro-Moments Ruin My Buyer's Journey Maps?

Google recently concluded that mobile consumers move through their journeys in spurts, or “micro moments,” rather than lengthier sessions. In this article, CMO Frank Grillo describes how to integrate the wisdom of these micro-moments into the discipline of mapping the buyer’s journey. The result is a blueprint for becoming more competitive in a mobile-driven, omnichannel world.

How to Capture More Buyers Earlier in their Journey: Response to McKinsey

CMO Frank Grillo expands upon an article by McKinsey and Company that explains why marketers need to “win attention for their brands at the very beginning of a shopper’s journey." His view: it’s all about the job to be done. A consumer doesn’t start considering a set of brands for no reason—each individual considers a brand for a specific reason in a specific context or situation. 

Decoding Customer Needs with the Buyer's Journey Framework

This ebook provides a thorough, step-by-step guide to understanding and delivering on your customer needs—throughout the buyer's journey—by using the Jobs-to-be-Done theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI). Read on for details.

Retailers: What You Need to Know to Win Against All-Powerful Amazon

This article tackles the prevalent question in retail “can brick and mortar survive against Amazon?” The answer? A definitive 'yes.' In fact, brick-and-mortar stores are uniquely positioned to improve the experience for—and grab the business of—customers at specific steps in the buyer's journey: product identification; product selection and returns. Read on.

MetLife Marketing is Focused on Providing Value: You Should Be Too

In a Forbes interview, Esther Lee, CMO of MetLife, admitted that, for most financial services companies, marketing is typically equivalent to sales support. She explained that customers are demanding more from marketers—they want more value. To deliver value, marketers must understand who individuals are and speak to them contextually, one-to-one, in the moment in which they are situated. Lee agrees and has started MetLife down that path. Has your team made the move to value-driven marketing?

Personalization Across the B2B Tech Buyer's Journey

Personalization allows you to tailor your experience to each buyer’s unique needs and stage within the buyer’s journey. Sharing specific content, messages and calls to action (CTAs) with visitors at various stages of the buyer’s journey helps them to complete their tasks and advance along to the next stage. But marketers must consider each buyer's unique industry, persona, use cases, content preferences, etc. to determine what information will be most relevant to them.

In the year to come, we'll continue to explore how to design and deliver buyer's journeys that provide real value to customers and smooth their paths to purchase. We'll see you there.